Influencer Marketing

As Seen on Instagram

Over the last couple of years, Influencer Marketing has taken over. We have to look no further than America’s First Family, The Kardashians, as proof of this. The Kardashian’s aren’t singing praises for the likes of SkinnyTea, Air BnB and Nova Jeans on their Instagram feeds from the goodness of their hearts. Nope, they are…


Snapchat: Revolutionizing Virtual Reality

Snapchat user or not – the ever-popular snap filters are something that everyone’s at least a little bit familiar with. The introduction of the very first Snapchat filters garnered great success with their users, so naturally, Snapchat has stepped up their game. Snapchat let its users take advantage of selfie filters such as zombies, seniors,…


McDonald’s Gets Playful with BeatQuiz

As the world of marketing expands, experiential marketing has moved to the forefront. Creating unique and engaging moments, experiential marketing provides brands with the ability to stand out against competitors and if the tactic works…the result is marketing gold – brand loyalty. So, what does it take to create a marketing experience? We see it…


Building A Campaign That Is Unique As You

Do you match your headphones to your briefcase? Or your socks to your suspenders? Is your productivity at its highest when you’re within a 15-meter radius from at least 3 different burrito or donut shops? If that’s the case, most commercial spaces these days just aren’t built to withstand the magnitude of your millennial creativity.…


A Woman’s World

Beauty has become a convoluted notion. In 2017, beauty can be seen in the form of perfectly sculpted eyebrows, hair extensions, crop tops, and whatever “thigh-brows” are…(I must have missed that memo). Women as a collective are bombarded with thousands of images and symbols forced in our faces every day, dictating how to be beautiful,…


The Champions League

The final stages of the Champions League are in full swing! The finals of this tournament get more than double the amount of views as the Superbowl (360 million versus 111 million, respectively). Despite the immense global popularity of the Champions League, it’s largely unknown to hockey-loving Canadians. In fact, many of our own adHOME’rs…