Pawfect Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving. For many members of our adHOME family that includes giving gifts of love to our four-legged friends. When the London Humane Society approached us asking for help with their Christmas campaign, it hit home for a lot of us. The London Humane Society is funded 100% by donations with…


Rocky Horror History

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey. It all started on the 16th of June in 1973… Misfits, drunks and partygoers gathered in a small, dark room located above the Royal Court Theatre in London to see the musical that tells the story of a mad transvestite scientist that boasts a…


Can You Hear Me Now?

Whether you’re a bold account director with years of experience, a seasoned graphic designer or an account exec honing new skills – communication is always key. adHOME’s culture is one of collaboration, constructive criticism and effective communication, but everyone can use a brush up from time to time. This week we looked at utilizing good…


Keeping Up With Code

Don’t blink. Between staying on top of the latest viral videos and repurposing memes before they reach their nearly 24-hour expiration, it can be easy to miss out on the many wonders of the Internet. Fortunately, our digital team never stops exploring the most dynamic trends in all things digital. This week at Breakfast Club, one of our aspiring…

invisible brand

The Invisible Brand

There is an invisible marketing tool that is often overlooked; and that’s the power of sound. In the beginning, there was a voice. When you were born, one of the first voices to grace your eardrums was your mother’s. It has been proven that a mother’s voice to her child is so powerful that it…


Getting to know Mary-Ellen

Walking into Mary-Ellen’s office, three things are extremely apparent. First, she loves her pup – a gorgeous chocolate lab named Sadie – whose treats and toys sit along the far wall for the days the office doubles as a dog park. Second, she is organized. Despite constantly running around, working on multiple projects at once,…


World Cup of Hockey

Go Canada Go! The World Cup of Hockey is well underway and Canada is undefeated! Tonight marks the first game of the Finals between Team Canada and Team Europe. While Team Canada and Team Europe are getting ready to battle it out on the ice, major brands are in a fierce competition of their own. This year, Scotiabank and…

Netflix and Chill

Netflix and chill

Ahhh, Netflix and chill. The seemingly innocent phrase that has become one of the most popular sexual innuendos of the generation… but what does it actually mean? According to urban dictionary, it involves anything but actually watching Netflix and “chilling” but we’ll let you explore that one on your own. The phrase is commonly used…