ROXUL’s Online DIY Campaign

One of the most under-utilized platforms in the building materials market is digital advertising and social media. Even leading brands struggle to create and manage meaningful, online relationships with their customers. Over the past decade, adHOME had established Roxul as the leading insulation brand in North America, moving them from 11% brand awareness to an impressive 61%. But we needed a stronger connection to the residential DIY consumer.


By creating an online content marketing campaign themed, “How to DIY with ROXUL”, we provided instructional videos highlighting ROXUL insulation product benefits and installation methods. Eleven videos were produced in three languages from the “Average Joe” perspective in order to garner legitimacy with the DIY audience. The series of YouTube videos was supported by a microsite, print collateral and an online advertising campaign.

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The campaign was an overwhelming success. It exceeded expectations for viewership and consumer engagement with the DIY audience. 83% of the almost 17,000 visitors to the site were unique visitors. The site generated a whopping 62,832 pageviews. The YouTube videos, which were available in English, French and Spanish have garnered over 1,787,250 views to date.


“adHOME was instrumental in building incredible awareness of our core residential products in the DIY consumer segment across Canada. The integrated campaign, and particularly the DIY videos, continue to be a resounding success.”

Segment Marketing Manager, Roxul

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