Tender Tootsie’s Digital Campaign

As a veteran footwear brand, Tender Tootsies has been delivering affordable and stylish shoes and boots to Canadian women for over 70 years. To ensure the brand’s continued longevity in the marketplace, adHOME created an integrated digital marketing solution to raise awareness and encourage brand loyalty among a younger consumer base.

Tender Tootsies

adHOME’s approach includes an ongoing content strategy that positions Tender Tootsies as a trusted lifestyle resource by sharing helpful tips, fashion ideas and product offers on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Display and search campaigns ensure national brand visibility and activity during peak buying seasons, while strategic blogger partnerships help reach diverse audiences using product-focused, branded content. The use of new and innovative digital tactics ensures continuous online audience growth. For example, adHOME recently facilitated a “Twitter party” whereby consumers connected and discussed the brand and products.

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Within the first two years of social activity, the Tender Tootsies Facebook page was ranked within the top 25 fashion brands in Canada by a third party ranking authority. With an in-depth understanding of the brand’s ideal consumer, ongoing social media content receives a level of audience engagement. The Twitter party helped establish the brand name among the top 10 trending topics in Canada and delivered over 17M brand impressions.


“adHOME recognized a stronger opportunity for Tender Tootsies to reach our consumers and engage with a new audience. Their recommendation to focus our efforts on social media, content and digital marketing has proven to be tremendously successful.”


Vice President, Tender Tootsies Group

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