Ivey’s Recruitment Campaign

Competition to recruit top candidates into MBA programs is as fierce as it is global. As the first and most prestigious business school in Canada, Richard Ivey School of Business has been developing corporate leaders for over 90 years. During an eight-year relationship, adHOME planned and executed marketing projects across all of Ivey’s academic faculties and departments.


adHOME developed an aspirational campaign which asked the question, ‘What Kind of Leader Will You Be?”. It met the challenge of reaching Ivey’s enrolment target while not compromising their high admission standards, particularly true in the MBA program. The message resonated with high-achieving prospects on an emotional level. Campaign elements including a website, print brochure, ad series, online media and email marketing resulted in exceeding Ivey’s recruitment targets.

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The campaign’s measurable outcomes exceeded expectations in many areas. Total prospects into the pipeline increased 35% year on year; résumé assessments increased 74%; and applications for the new year’s class increased 50% pro rata year over year. In total, the target for the incoming class was fully met with a significant number of quality candidates on the waiting list.


“adHOME invested their time and energy into helping Ivey target the many different segments in the MBA market, and to understand how to best position our creative to resonate with each of them. It was a solid, strategic approach that worked.”


Assistant Director of Marketing, Ivey Business School

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