Indulge Rewards Loyalty Program

Food, for many, is a passion. It brings families together, it celebrates the milestones of our lives, it arouses the senses. For restaurateurs, it’s the pursuit of creative excellence and a labour of love. A passion that deserves to be rewarded. That’s why in 2006, we launched the Indulge Rewards loyalty program, Maple Leaf’s largest foodservice operator initiative to date. It armed the Maple Leaf sales force with a powerful tool to drive sales by awarding points to Indulge members for every Indulge purchase.

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adHOME recognized that membership engagement was driven by sales force engagement, and in 2010, both were on the decline. Sales reps needed to embrace and promote the loyalty program to get new memberships and keep existing members engaged. We motivated the sales reps through our “Participation Challenge” by rewarding them with their own Indulge points each time they converted a restaurant owner into an active Indulge member.

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The promotion was a resounding success. The program engaged 86% of the sales force and increased member participation by 50% – in just three and a half months. The overall program grew by 14% due to new memberships. Currently, the sales force still uses the program and it maintains a 73% active membership rate.


“adHOME is a true partner that works collaboratively with Maple Leaf Foodservice. Their team demonstrates a high-level of respect and care for our success, which is appreciated in a partner.”

Director of Marketing, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

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