Keeping Up With Code

Don’t blink. Between staying on top of the latest viral videos and repurposing memes before they reach their nearly 24-hour expiration, it can be easy to miss out on the many wonders of the Internet. Fortunately, our digital team never stops exploring the most dynamic trends in all things digital. This week at Breakfast Club, one of our aspiring code stars took the floor, which quickly became where our jaws ended up.

Javascript can now accomplish what was only thought possible with video or animation. High quality video games that rival Xbox and PS4 games can now be played online on your desktop or even mobile device:


This fast-loading POV game is made exclusively in Javascript using the UnrealEngine4, allowing you to move around in 360 degrees in real time. No plug-ins. No video. No flash. Just Javascript and HTML5. Really.

Next, we turned our attention to, the website of India’s refreshing carbonated apple beverage. The design is inspired by carbonation. Your mouse releases bubbles with every click. The website itself uses pixie.js to create unique design and UX elements. The layout incorporates a clever mixture of social media posts, graphics, stunning original photography, gifs and video.




The next coding masterpiece we kept up with will revolutionize the way soccer is studied, practiced and enjoyed. This was built as a tribute to the dazzling skills of Barcelona’s Neymar Jr. It’s 360 degrees of glorious, panasonic elastico, a classic Brazillian soccer move originally made popular by the one and only Ronaldinho. Again, this was made with nothing but hard cold code.


Similarly, this interactive pool was created to showcase the power of webGl and shaders in browser. It’s still hard to believe that this meticulously detailed, real time Water effect is not the result of animation or flash. It’s pure Javascript and HTML5. Every little drop, splash, ripple, wave and flicker of light is coded and responsive. We may or may not have spent a little too much billable time testing the ball’s buoyancy, splashing it up and down through the water. Play at your own risk. It’s more mesmerizing than it sounds.




There’s so much more to learn about the future of the web- and we have a feeling that this is just the beginning.