Behind the Locked Door

If you haven’t been to an escape room yet…What are you waiting for? No more Settler’s of Catan Saturdays! Escape Rooms are the new thing to do and if you’ve done one, you know why. The basic idea? Throw a few people in a room (willingly), tell them a story to set the stage (and…


Driving Change

This year, the City of London has taken a huge step towards making our streets safer by participating in the Vision Zero initiative as part of Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025. A highly successful road safety project that began in Sweden in the mid-90’s, Vision Zero has now grown into a global effort with the…


Those who dare…WIN

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This year, three of our clients decided to take a bold step forward and push their brands in a direction that was considerably outside of their comfort zone. These daring choices paid…

Canada 150 logo

150th eh?

Canada 150 has spurred many people into a Canadian pride frenzy – with the recent Canada Day celebration said and done, the festivities still continue as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday with all of us who share this beautiful country. With a huge year like Canada’s 150th hovering over proud Canadians, there was a need for…


The Rise of K-Pop

In the western world, it isn’t uncommon to see pop stars cameo in ads for big brands, whether it be an appearance on a Nike commercial or a recognizable voiceover for the latest Mr. Christie cookie. It makes sense for brands to hire public figures in order to reach that particular influencer’s target audience. In…

80s nostalgia

80’s Nostalgia

We know that trends don’t just appear out of nowhere. They’re born and inspired by a need for something fresh…and every trend starts somewhere. Trends work in cycles. Born from something that was once dated, old ideas creep back in and become new again. The 80s inspired many trends and had an unmistakable influence on…