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It's the last 5 days for the #TrailblazeForWishes event for @makeawish_canada and our team the "Collective Soles" is continuing to get outdoors, track their KMs and raise funds to help children with critical illnesses.🏃

We asked a few of adHOMEies to share why they participated in #TrailblazeForWishes.

Marisa: I'm participating in Trailblaze for Wishes for Make a Wish because growing up I learned that my cousin's friend, Maddison Babineau gave her wish away to build a school in Africa and to make a difference. This has inspired me all my life and made me want to volunteer as much as possible and do whatever I can to help the people around me and the world. One person's actions can really make a difference and by doing whatever I can to help fundraise I hope it will help someone's day be just a little bit better.

Nisa: I am very excited to attend Trailblaze for Wishes because I know that every donation helps provide an opportunity to change a child's life. As a member of Collective Soles, my favorite trail is Medway Valley Forest Trail which features a river and is good for all skill levels. Whether weekdays or weekends, it is always a good idea for me to get outdoors, and have a relaxing walk in nice weather.

Koral: COVID has been hard on many of us, particularly on family's battle against the pandemic with children or family members who are critically ill and unable to receive the resources they need to bring them hope and a sense of stability every day. I'm blazing a trail so that Make-A-Wish can grant more wishes for critically ill children and their families in need.

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Only 9 days left in the #TrailblazeForWishes of @makeawish_canada and our team the "Collective Soles" continue getting their steps in, and raise donations for critically ill children all over Canada. 🏃‍♀️

We asked three of our team members to share thoughts about their Trailblaze for Wishes journey and what motivates them.

Sara: If this last year has taught me anything, it's the power of hope and the importance of taking care of each other. Proud to support such a wonderful organization built around both of those ideas.

Moira: I'm walking/running to share the benefits of exercise and its connection to mental health. The past year has pushed me to explore new ways to stay active and find a sense of community. Trailblaze for Wishes has been an opportunity to contribute to an amazing cause, while also improving my physical and mental health.

Noah: Although I enjoy hiking, I don't have many opportunities to walk without a toddler in tow. But I treasure every walk I get to take with my little boy. We walk around the neighbourhood and say hello to our neighbours. We go see Stumpy The Stump and the house with the pirate flag. We stop at the house with the tree full of birdhouses and listen to them tweet. We say hello to the friendly kitties and puppies. It isn't a marathon by any means but it is a very special time for us.

For me, the greatest part of our walks is seeing the joy on my son's face when he visits his favourite places or when he sees interesting things. If we can help bring joy to other children while doing this, that's just wonderful.

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2 weeks left in the #TrailblazeForWishes of @makeawish_canada and our team the "Collective Soles" continues exploring many trails to help grant wishes! 👣

We asked a few of adHOMEies to share why they participated in #TrailblazeForWishes to get their steps in and raise donations for critically ill children all over Canada.

Michael: I’m walking because hope is a powerful thing and the kids that Make-A-Wish helps need a reason to have hope more than anyone I know.

Katie: This past year has made me reflect on the importance of a smile. Every child's wish brings a smile to their faces, and their families so I want to do what I can to make that happen this year.

Nik: Make-A-Wish spreads hope and joy to children who face the daunting battle with a critical illness. Empowering them with positive thoughts and energy which they need during this time. If we can help with this task, then it should be our duty. Be it with small steps or bounding to our goal with speed, this is why I have chosen to participate in this challenge. Let's all spread a little joy and a little hope. Plus, let's be honest I need the exercise too.

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Our team the "Collective Soles" continues exploring many trails to achieve our kilometer goal for #TrailblazeForWishes, a fundraising event hosted by @makeawishswo 👣

Everyone has a story to tell, so we asked a few of adHOMEies to share why they felt inspired to get their steps in and raise donations for critically ill children all over Canada.

Mary-Ellen: I'm participating in "Trailblaze for Wishes" because I believe that even a small gesture can make a huge impact in someone's life.

Lucas: Working with Make A Wish the past few years, I've had the pleasure of experiencing the impact these wishes can have on children with critical illnesses. This is why I'm proud to be participating this year in the Trailblaze for Wishes event. I've set a goal this year of walking & hiking 200km in 10 weeks, and it's been a great motivator to exercise more and spend more time outdoors. Thank you to everyone who has supported me for this event!

As "Collective Soles", we are proud to participate in this event and raise money to help make wishes come true for critically ill children across the country.
Don't wait for hope, help create it! Support our Trailblaze For Wishes team and together we can raise money to make thousands of wishes come true. [LINK IN BIO]

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We have so many adHOMEie birthdays to celebrate this month and even though we can't celebrate in person yet, we are sending our warmest birthday wishes! 💗

Happy birthday to our very own Jason, Nik, Sarah, and Vickie! 🎂

We hope you all had amazing birthdays! 🎉


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We are excited to take part in Trailblaze for Wishes, a fundraising initiative hosted by @makeawish_canada . It challenges individuals and teams to hike, walk or run a selected distance chosen by the participant. Along the way, participants raise funds to help make wishes come true for critically ill children across the country.

Our team the "Collective Soles" are exploring the many trails within London Ontario, and the surrounding areas, to achieve our kilometer goal. 👣We're delighted to participate in this event and to raise money for an organization we've supported and worked with for the past 8 years. 💪

Right now, thousands of wishes are waiting due to COVID-19. Help support our team, so together we can make sure those wishes are fulfilled.

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Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day!

Celebrated in Canada on the 21st of June, National Indigenous Peoples Day is celebrated honor the heritage, cultures, and valuable contributions to society by First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.

25 years ago that the Government of Canada joined Indigenous organizations in choosing June 21 to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. June 21 was chosen as the statutory holiday for many reasons, including its cultural significance as the Summer solstice, and the fact that it is a day on which many Indigenous peoples and communities traditionally celebrate their heritage.☀️

As adHOME Creative, we celebrate the heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples!


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From all of us at adHOME, Happy Father's Day to all the amazing father-figures! 👨


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Lifting Up Our Community


Through our Blue Door Initiative program, we plan and participate in activities that improve our community and the lives of the people who live in it. We’ve collected tons of food for the local food bank, volunteered to get doused with buckets of ice water, walked for miles and miles, taken to the links in golf tournaments and risen to every challenge you can imagine. We’ve even contributed over $10,000 in services in support of local youth mental health services.

Our signature Blue Door stands out in the neighbourhood. Sure, it speaks to our brand, but it goes much deeper than a coat of paint. It stands out because of the warm feeling that starts at our door and moves beyond our walls, touching, supporting and enriching our community.


318 Wolfe Street, London
ON, Canada, N6B 2C5