good chemistry

Good Chemistry

The age old question of “Where do you want to eat lunch?” has plagued enough workplaces. Take a look at a typical interaction in our office. Jason: “Where do you want to go for lunch?” Tony: “Anywhere, doesn’t matter” Jason: “Great, let’s go to Jack Astors” Tony: “No, we went there last week” Jason: “But…

Design Anywhere

Creativity Anywhere

As a design agency, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient and stay on the cutting edge of technology.  Michael’s Breakfast Club presentation showed us how we could do just that!  It focussed on some of the advancements of design software and the appeal of designing on the go in today’s active…

star wars

What we can learn from Star Wars

With the imminent arrival of the new Star Wars film coming this month, lets talk about the super-heavyweight marketing marriage of Disney and LucasFilm. What are they doing to promote the upcoming and eagerly awaited instalment? See Nik’s breakfast club presentation outlining some of the Star Wars marketing lessons that can be used in other marketing campaigns. Everything from advertisements, to merchandising, this…

360 Video Blog

360 is All Around Us

In the marketing world, the introduction of 360 video has been the fresh spin on video advertising that brands are jumping on board with. With the recent announcement of Facebook’s 360 video capabilities, 360 videos are popping up everywhere. See some of the early adapter brands already using this technology.   Nike Football – The Neymar…


Share Your Christmas Fail

With the holiday season fast approaching, adHOME worked with Tender Tootsies and Tootsies Shoe Market to launch the “Win With Your #ChristmasFail” promotion. The promotion invites people to share their memorable holiday moments for a chance to win a footwear prize package. These are the moments that we will never forget. The priceless moments that…

Ways Branding

Changing WAYS

This October, adHOME was honoured to be part of the new brand launch for the former Western Area Youth Services (WAYS) not-for-profit organization. Creating a new name was a critical part of the branding process to appropriately communicate the services provided and to help the agency compete for funding and donations in a fiercely competitive…


The Intern Perspective

From the desk of Joanna….Former adHOME Intern When you think of an internship what comes to mind? Do you think of a poor student forced to be the official coffee fetcher, all while taking lunch orders and slaving over mindless grunt work? If so, think again! Although that may still happen at some companies, it’s…


We’ve Dog-Gone Done It

As you may know, many of us adHOMErs are dog lovers and our office is frequently visited by the office pooch, Sadie. So when coming up with one of our next big promotions for our client, CertainTeed Insulation, we had our 4-legged friends in mind. We created a promotion that would raise brand awareness for…


Helping Students Stay Healthy

In preparation for the upcoming school year, adHOME worked with The University of Toronto to launch their HealthyU website. The site featured a playful and colourful design divided into four key areas focused on the health and well-being of students – HappyU, SafeU, FuelU and MoveU. For university students, academic and personal success are often…