15 Signs You Should Be A Digital Marketer

Is the world of digital marketing the place for you? Let’s look at the signs!

1. You get more excited about spreadsheets with accurate, beautifully displayed, organized data than anyone else you know

2. You sign up for services you don’t need so that you can study/analyze their conversion process

3. You’re overwhelmed with feels after accidentally clicking on an ad

4. You’re #obsessed with what’s trending

5. You catch yourself judging and critiquing all ads you see

6. …But when you see an amazing ad, you’re overwhelmed with emotion (and jealousy that you didn’t think of it first)

7. You include a call-to-action in your online dating profile

8. You’ve created a content calendar for your personal social media profiles

9. You thrive in a constantly changing environment

10. You speak in different [brand] voices/you’ve got multiple [brand] voices in your head

11. Your social feeds are full of “relevant” content that is more relevant to your work interests than personal…

12. You have numerous Chrome accounts logged in for easy access to different email accounts because #efficiency

13. Product integrations are everything and you judge 3rd party products HARD to make sure that they will work with everything else in your life (and you’re beyond happy when they do)

14. You A/B test the best time to post on your personal social media profiles

15. You simply dig digital marketing and know it’s the career for you