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A Closer Look – Facebook Features

With over two billion monthly active users, you would think people would know more about the unique Facebook Features. Let’s take a look!

adHOME Creative Slays At The Davey Awards Once Again

adHOME Creative is proud to announce the win of three new Davey’s Awards! Read more about the creative concepts that won them!

The adHOME Internship Experience (Before & During COVID-19)

Learn about the adHOME internship experience through a former advertising intern’s story that took place both before and after the COVID-19 pandemic!

adHOME Creative Takes It To The Top With 5 New Summit Awards & More!

adHOME Creative is proud to be named Summit’s Top Agency while also bringing home not one, not two, but five new Summit Awards.

Being a Digital Marketing Intern During COVID-19

What’s it like to be an intern at adHOME Creative? Michaela, shares her experience of completing her digital marketing internship during COVID-19.

The Rise Of The Good Bois

Who truly rules the internet? We can all agree that both dog and cat content is great to see online but does the internet prefer one over the other? Let’s find out!

Social Media – Then vs. Now

The way we communicate online has changed a lot since the 2000s. Learn more about your favourite social media platforms and how they have evolved.

What is Convenience Shopping, and Why is it Important in 2020?

Adapting to the “new normal” can be tough. Learn about convenience shopping and how adapting to evolving consumer needs can help your brand.

I Like To Move It, Eat It, Buy It.

It is no secret that our social media profiles hold a mind numbing amount of data on us, but what about your streaming services? Find out how Spotify uses our data to spot music trends and create chart-topping hits.

Spot On – How Your Favourite Streaming Service Hits The Mark

It is no secret that our social media profiles hold a mind numbing amount of data on us, but what about your streaming services? Find out how Spotify uses our data to spot music trends and create chart-topping hits.

4 Steps To Plan Your Return Back to the Office

adHOME helps to strategize how to safely and cost effectively return to the office.

What You Need to Know Before Picking the Right Creative Agency.

Specialization is a key difference in choosing the right agency for your business. Check out adHOME’s guide on the many agency options available and how to chose the best one for your brand.

Pride Month Advertising – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

From the good to the downright bad, adHOME walks you through the hits the misses of Pride month advertising over the years.

Four Things To Expect In The Advertising Industry Post-COVID

With the future of many businesses still largely uncertain, adHOME looks at a handful of industry trends emerging, and makes predictions for what is to come in the world of advertising.

adHOME Brings Home Gold & Silver At The Communicator Awards

Four wins, all of them gold, plus a couple of silver. At adHOME we’re thrilled and humbled by our recent win of six Communicator Awards! Learn more about these distinguished awards and the impactful campaigns that won them.

What is an Influencer?

Take a look at the evolution of influencer marketing. Learn how brands have leveraged this tactic for hundreds of years before social media.

What An Honour! adHOME Proudly Announces The Win Of Multiple Telly Awards

adHOME is proud to have won four gold Telly Awards for videos we’ve created in partnership with our outstanding clients. Get the details on these international awards and the stories we told in our winning videos.

How Art Advances Activism

For as long as there has been protests, there has been protest art. We take a look at how activist art can help spread a message.

adHOME’s Guide To Spotify Advertising

Find out why more and more advertisers are turning to Spotify as user levels soar. Read adHOME’s breakdown of Spotify advertising.

Let’s Talk Fair-Trade Chocolate

From cacao farm to confection. The chocolate industry is more than it seems. Learn more about fair-trade in chocolate production.

adHOME’s Guide to Twitch and Twitch Advertising

Live streams have taken over the digital landscape. Learn more about the pioneer of streaming services and how your brand can benefit from advertising on Twitch.

A Guide To Marketing During Ramadan

Ramadan is a month-long celebration recognized by billions of people across the world. Discover its impact on consumer behaviour.

2020 Summer Design Trends

Monochromatic colour schemes, metallic accents, and maxi typography. What 2020 design trends do we at adHOME love, and love to hate? Read more.

The Bean That Binds Us

Since its discovery, coffee has had the ability to bring about shared experiences amongst people. Learn more about the messaging behind the world’s most popular drink.

Spirit of York Steps Up To Help Community

Read the incredible story about the Spirit of York Distillery hand sanitizer initiative and how they’re helping give back to their community in this time of need.

The Silver Linings of Physical Distancing

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. Take a look at how popular brands are responding to changing consumer behaviours amidst the COVID-19 disruptions.

Tabula Rasa

Sometimes the world just needs to reset. Read more about the positive impact world-wide physical distancing has had on our planet.

adHOME Proud To Bring Home Two Hermes Awards

You aren’t seeing double. adHOME is the proud recipient of not one, but two Hermes Creative Awards! Learn more about this prestigious award and the amazing campaigns that won them.

Navigating COVID-19 As Advertisers

The past month has been an uncertain time for marketers and brands around the world. Read adHOME’s advice on how to modify your strategy to accommodate the COVID-19 disruptions.

Building Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As a proud member of The Canadian Agency Network (tCAN), adHOME Creative is here to help our community during these uncertain times. We will be joining other agencies across Canada as part of a national initiative to provide free advertising and marketing advice to businesses and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes.

Taking The Shot

More goes into taking the perfect shot than most people think. Whether you’re looking into photography or videography, adHOME has you covered with these tips.

Boy With Apple

Beautiful colour schemes, detailed props, and unusual framing. These are just some of the techniques that make director Wes Anderson wonderfully unique. Read more about this award-winning film maker.

Drones – Taking Creative To New Heights

There is nothing quite as captivating as gorgeous drone footage.. But did you know that there are a number of other ways drones can take your marketing campaign to the next level? Learn how!

adHOME Digs Into Marketing for Ontario One Call

adHOME Creative is excited to announce that Ontario One Call has chosen us as its agency of record! Over the next three years, we’ll develop marketing campaigns to promote the Ontario One Call brand and its services.

The Beginner’s Guide To Google My Business

Looking to take your business to the next level? Google My Business is a completely FREE tool that can help put your organization on the (Google) map!

Notorious RBG – The 411 On Famous Logo Colour Codes

What’s the most recognizable part of a brand logo? The colour of course! adHOME breaks down some of the world’s most recognizable logos into their famous colour codes.

TikTok – Where did it come from and where is it going?

Move over Instagram! A new social media platform has captured the digital world’s attention. Love it or Hate it, TikTok is the next big thing!

Animal Health Starts adHOME

adHOME lands two 2020 VETTY Awards for Animal Health Marketing! Learn how adHOME teamed up with Boehringer Ingelheim to bring home the Gold.

adHOME Welcomes Davey

Goliath who? adHOME slays at the 2019 Davey Awards. We’ve learned that you don’t have to be a giant player to claim victory, all it takes is a big idea.

Team adHOME Wins Best of Category at Summit Awards

adHOME teams up with Boehringer Ingelheim to win the 2019 Best of Category Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award. SHhhhhh”. Let us tell you about it!

Proud of Our Growing adHOME Family

adHOME welcome six 2019 MarCom Awards to the family. Read about which of our amazing clients we teamed up with to create these award-winning campaigns.

Placebo Marketing – A Tactic That Works?

adHOME takes a closer look at the Placebo Effect and how it can be utilized successfully when planning your next marketing strategy.

Established Toronto Law Firm Takes Bold Step Forward with New Brand Identity

Rebranding is an exciting but challenging task. Learn how adHOME partnered with the Canadian law firm Cassels to help them accomplish this and more with an innovative multimedia campaign.

Pantone Colour of the Year – 2020

“Instilling calm, confidence and connection.” These are just some of the ways 2020’s Pantone Colour of the Year can make your audience feel. Can you guess what colour made the cut this year?

Spreading Cheer to Our Wider FamJam

It’s a story about the power of collaboration. adHOME teams up with fellow TCAAN agency, Dyversity, on a number of key projects.

Exciting New Partnership Opens Up a World of Possibilities

It’s a story about the power of collaboration. adHOME teams up with fellow TCAAN agency, Dyversity, on a number of key projects.

Designing In Colour

Take a closer look at the world of colour within design and learn more about the significant impact it has on brand recognition and the success of your ads.

Harvesting Innovation at The Grove

The Forest City has something on the grow: London’s first agri-hub, The Grove! Learn more about how adHOME was involved in this innovative initiative.

adHOME Proud to Partner with Junior Achievement

Join adHOME at the 29th Annual London District Business Hall of Fame Gala as we honour Richard Sifton and Jeff F. Macoun for their incredible achievements.

Storytelling as Director of Video & Production

With his love for film, a knack for creative storytelling, and the ability to evoke emotion in his audience, it’s clear that Michael was born to be the man behind the camera.

The Fear Factor of Advertising

adHOME took a closer look at what makes an audience tick when it comes to successful advertisements, finding that fear plays a large role.

adHOME’s Guide to Geofencing Pt. 2: Finding The Fence.

adHOME takes you through where to find location setting across 6 of the top social platform and a few key location features, exclution targeting and more.

Nerd Sports: A Closer Look At eSports

What exactly is eSports, and why is everyone talking about it? adHOME gives you the eSports rundown and why you should be investing in video games.

We The North

In what seems like a very short amount of time, the Raptors went from Canada’s newest sports venture to a nationwide cultural phenomenon. How did this team make history?

Intelligent Or Impractical AI Uses? You Decide!

Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic of 2019, but amidst all the practical uses that have developed from AI, we wanted to bring light to some of the impractical ways people are using AI, here are some of our favourites.

You Can’t Do That On Television

What exactly is The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards? We’re here to give you a little rundown on some of the big no-nos in advertising paired with a few examples of brands/companies that just pushed the limit a little too far.

A History of Wedding Trends

Happy summer, or should we say, happy wedding season! Summertime is prime time to get married, but do you know how wedding traditions got their start?

Dismantling Gender Stereotypes

In previous decades, there was a large amount of gender stereotyping in marketing and advertising. Thankfully, brands today are beginning to do their part to change perceptions and create equality between genders.

Interactive Experiences in Digital Marketing

Experiential Marketing is going digital, making campaigns more memorable than ever by incorporating interactive experiences with digital platforms. Learn how to start integrating Experiential Marketing into your digital campaigns!

adHOME’s Guide To Geofencing Pt. 1: Why The Fence?

Does it feel like you’re targeting too broadly? Not entirely sure how to make the most of location targeting settings, or even why you should, for your campaigns? Never fear! adHOME Creative is here to give you the 2 part rundown on Geo-fencing and Geo-Targeting.

How Game of Thrones Spread Like Wildfire

The hit TV series Game of Thrones is coming to an end, so we’re celebrating by taking a look at our favourite marketing campaigns from the show!

Did Machine Learning Predict This Year’s March Madness Winner?

AI is getting more advanced everyday, how did it fair when attempting to predict the 2019 March Madness Results?

15 Signs You Should Be A Digital Marketer

Is the world of digital marketing the place for you? Let’s look at the signs!

Is Advertising On Reddit Right for Your Business?

Is the front page of the internet the right medium for you to expand your marketing mix? Find out if Reddit advertising is right for your business!

Your Brain On Books

We all know the basic benefits of reading books – they give you an escape from the real world, but did you know there were real mental and physical health benefits to reading?

What’s In A Meme?

New memes are being created daily and have evolved to become an internet sensation and a 21st century cultural phenomenon, but what’s actually in a meme?

8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used To Gain Measurable Results

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to leverage your business – do you know the best ways to utilize it? Learn from the experts at adHOME.

Super Ads From The Super Bowl

As much as the world enjoys the football game, as marketers, our attention is usually 90% focused on who’s advertising and admiring the creativity in ads.

The Silent Killer 2.0 – An Award-Winning Campaign

Last year, after a successful year-one rollout, TSSA partnered with adHOME Creative to produce The Silent Killer 2.0 Campaign. Our goal, to significantly increase awareness around the dangers of household carbon monoxide poisoning. For 2018, we decided to take the Silent Killer concept to a new level.

Did Gillette’s The Best Men Can Be Ad Make The Cut?

To start 2019, Gillette kicked off the year by redefining “The Best A Man Can Get” with an ad that has sparked national controversy, causing many to boycott Gillette – but was it deserved?

Getting To Know Google’s Responsive Search Ads

Google Ads has recently unfolded a new feature in the Google Ads platform, allowing advertisers to input multiple headlines and descriptions to let Google create the best possible performing text ad using artificial intelligence.

adHOME rings in the Holiday Season with Silver and Gold (and Bronze)

We are very proud to toot our own horn, having taken home a combined 10 awards for our work. Here are our 2018 Davey Awards & Summit Awards winners.

Make-A-Wish Canada: Celebrating 35 Years of Making Wishes Come True

Make-A-Wish has long been known for granting life-changing wishes for children who are critically-ill. This year, as the international chapters gathered in Toronto for their annual conference, Make-A-Wish Canada asked adHOME Creative to be their creative sponsor.

WRRC – Branding a Community and a Movement

We couldn’t be more proud to share the new WRRC logo, along with the reasoning and rationale that went into every stroke and into every colour.

Bound for Greatness

As a results obsessed advertising agency, we’re proud to announce some changes that are sure to elevate our offering. Already known in the industry for our collaborative approach and deep bench strength we’ve upped the ante once again. Yes, we’ve assembled a multi-disciplinary team that drives real business results. The thread that binds them? Passion.

The Puzzle of All Puzzles

Okay, it might not be THE puzzle, but Rubik’s Cubes are definitely something that frustrates those who don’t know very much about it and exhilarates others who know the answers and become experts. So how do people become experts? How do people solve three of them mid air while being juggled?!? Incredible skills, problem solving and memorizing of algorithms.

Striving for Brand Excellence

The first step was to develop a new name and tagline. We met with all the stakeholders, listened to them, observing their personalities and what made them unique. We developed for them a brand blueprint, a document that would both confirm and help inform our strategy.

How Iconic Brands Harness The Art Of Fascination

Learn the 7 triggers of fascination to create a brand that stands out from the crowd and steps into the hearts and minds of consumers.

How to Optimize Small Businesses for Voice Search

Google and ComScore have predicted that by 2020, over half of all internet searches will be voice searches. Additionally, Mary Meeker, the venture capitalist who predicted correctly that 2014 would be the “Year Of Mobile,” also predicts that 2020 will be the “Year of Voice.” If it wasn’t clear from those predictions, if you’re not…

10 Things to do in London Ontario this Summer

adHOME loves being an active member in the London community and so does our staff! Join us this summer as we experience and support some of the amazing things London has to offer!

Talking TED Talks

Do you know what a TED Talk is? Oftentimes people can think of their favourites right off the bat whether it was funny, inspiring, scientific or educational, TED Talks can take many forms and are memorable. For those of you who do not know, TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the…

Creating Seamless Experiences

Back in the 1990’s, shopping meant getting dressed and leaving the house to go to a brick and mortar store. Sometimes you would even have to go to several of them over the course of an entire “shopping day,” to search for the items you dreamt of owning. Back then, some of the really customer…

Millennials and their furry children

Who are millennials? They are the group of 20-35 year olds that identify with raising their children properly. And by children, we mean their furry, fluffy and adorable pets. Today, 44% of millennials say they own pets and along with a few other factors, this has built a 69 billion dollar pet industry. So what…


These days there are endless opportunities and media platforms for brands to connect with consumers. You can find ads on TV, on the internet, and now they even come right to us on our cell phones – in our social media feeds, our chats, and even our games. Companies everywhere are competing for consumer attention,…

We’ll Just Buy the Keywords

Many moons ago, in a job market far-far-away, I sat across a boardroom table from several high-ranking managing executives. A newly minted marketing manager for a luxury chain of hotels, I had drafted a communications plan for the upcoming year, which included (amongst a slew of traditional tactics) a strong digital component that focused heavily…

Life as an Account Director

At adHOME our most valued assets are our people. Today, we had a chance to talk with Jason Brown, Account Director at adHOME, to bring his perspective of what it’s like to work in a advertising agency. From a small town of 1,000 people to Account Director at adHOME, Jason is reaching his 11th year…

Generation Play

There’s a quiet revolution happening across forward-thinking workplaces throughout the developed world. We knew it was coming. There were hints of the changing of the guard peppered throughout the late 90s and early 2000s. It was a generational shift in workplace attitudes, an idea that work needn’t be a backbreaking, soul-crushing endeavour; that work could…

Unfriending Facebook

What do Elon Musk and Playboy Magazine have in common?  Aside from Musk actually being the quintessential playboy himself, they both recently announced that they are joining the #deletefacebook movement by suspending their accounts in the wake of the massive Facebook user data leak.   Actually, calling it a leak is a bit of a…

What is a full service agency?

At adHOME, we pride ourselves on being a full service agency, but oftentimes people looking for an agency don’t know how this differentiates us or our clients might not realize the depth of our services. So let’s talk about what makes us a full service agency. An excellent full service agency specializes in doing everything,…

We Are Five Oceans

Branding is a huge part of what we do at adHOME, and it’s a big responsibility – defining a personality, differentiator and overall essence for a brand. It’s something we take seriously and approach with passion every time. Each branding project we lead starts with diving in and understanding our clients on a deep level.…

Unplugging to Reconnect

It’s 6:00AM. My phone lays beside my bed, humming vibrations through the vinyl flooring of my condo. It chimes a cheery reminder that it’s time for me to get up and start my day. I roll over and aim to hit the large red snooze button. I’m not quite ready to leave the comfort of…

The Power of Women in Marketing

As we take time this week to celebrate International Women’s Day, our team at adHOME is both celebrating and reflecting on what it means for us at this point in history. Women are speaking out through the media, standing up to express their views, inspiring audiences to motivate for change in order to pave the…

The Silent Killer 2.0

When talking about potential dangers in your home, you have to acknowledge Carbon Monoxide (CO), or as we refer to it – “The Silent Killer”, as one of the most deadly. We have talked about this award-winning campaign before, but for 2018, we have taken it to an entirely new level. This year, adHOME and…

Time to Shine

And the winner of Start Your JRNY 2017 is…Five Oceans! A year ago, those words marked the beginning of a new chapter for four musicians out of London Ontario. A talented group of guys with a loyal local following were named the winners of the Start Your JRNY music contest. They were given the opportunity of…

From Good to Great

Good ideas can come from anywhere. A random word overheard on the street, doodles on a napkin, a memorable movie or book. Sometimes it’s a sudden flash of genius, but usually it’s a collaboration of creative minds working together. Often a good idea just needs a little bit of help to become great…and that’s how…

The Golden Ticket

In September of 2017, Seattle-based mega-corp, Amazon announced its intention to build a second headquarters in North America. At stake, a whopping $5,000,000,000 in construction revenue, along with 50,000 high-paying jobs, and another projected 50,000 ancillary jobs. Suffice to say, the competition to land such a coveted prize has been fierce, and cities have gone…

adHOME Trends to Watch – Metallics

You may have already heard, but, metallic décor is huge for 2018. Interior designers suggest platinum and gold are the perfect accent colours to complement any palette. It looks like adHOME’s interior design will be on-point with the arrival of our most recent MarCom Awards. We’re thrilled to announce that thanks to bold client choices…

adHOME staff takes on the Fitbit Challenge!

In early October, the Vibe Committee at adHOME came up with a new idea to step up our wellness game: introducing the Fitbit Challenge. It was the perfect opportunity to boost our competitive spirits while working on completing the program’s goals and – hopefully – earning some trophies. So, we all grabbed our Fitbits and…

What are Native Ads?

One of the latest advertising trends online is native ads. But do you know what they are and how to work with them? The main idea of native ads is to advertise content with themes related to the information on the page, but in a way that fits the surroundings and is still inserted in…

2018 Design Trends

With 2018 approaching quickly, our design team has made some predictions about what’s to come and what will continue to be involved in great design. Minimalism This modern take includes decluttering design, including only what is necessary in the most efficient way. It is a very clean and simple design style, that is easy to…

Instagram Savvy

As digital marketers, we are often asked what are the best social media platforms. Depending on the audience and type of campaign you are running, this answer can vary, but one to keep an eye on is definitely Instagram. Launched back in 2010, Instagram was designed to be a visual social network that allowed people…

Grow Your Heart 3 Sizes

This holiday season, adHOME is promoting a fun initiative that gives back to the community and encourages good deeds. Our goal is to create a positive impact on the people around us by participating in charitable causes, helping out a neighbour in need and a variety of other great ideas. Over the next month and…

Welcome to the New Space Race

The next generation in space exploration is one in which private companies are leading the way.  Since its inception in 1996 (inspired by the Orteig Prize of 1919 in which teams were challenged to complete the first non-stop flight between New York City and Paris), the XPrize has encouraged private innovation, particularly, but not solely,…

What is Remarketing?

In the past, when considering digital marketing as a whole, “What is Digital Marketing” briefly touched on remarketing. It is simply defined by Google as “Remarketing lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app” but can be used across Google and social media platforms alike. Display remarketing is…

UX and Why It Matters

Have you ever been on a website or searched for a company only to find their website overly confusing? Not enough information? Too many menu options? This is exactly what UX aims to fix. What is UX? Overall, User Experience (UX) is defined by Google as “the overall experience of a person using a product…

What do we actually remember in a logo?

The Importance Of a Strong Brand What do we actually remember about a logo? Take a minute and think about a strong brand…. like Apple. Perhaps you can picture the logo in your mind, and maybe even imagine that the apple is grey. But does the apple have a stem? Or a leaf? Is the…

Fall Design Inspirations

As a team of people who are creative for a living, we inevitably take inspiration from everyday life and channel it into our work. This includes the changing of the seasons. It could be anything from the bright warm colour palette of the fall trees, to the cozy feeling of a large knit sweater or…

A bold new look for “The Railway City”

Did you hear the news? The City of St. Thomas unveiled their new corporate identity this week, and we couldn’t be more excited. Since the summer, the adHOME team has been crafting the brand’s positioning and personality to be leveraged for a new look that would speak to the identity of the community as a…

Behind the Locked Door

If you haven’t been to an escape room yet…What are you waiting for? No more Settler’s of Catan Saturdays! Escape Rooms are the new thing to do and if you’ve done one, you know why. The basic idea? Throw a few people in a room (willingly), tell them a story to set the stage (and…

Driving Change

This year, the City of London has taken a huge step towards making our streets safer by participating in the Vision Zero initiative as part of Canada’s Road Safety Strategy 2025. A highly successful road safety project that began in Sweden in the mid-90’s, Vision Zero has now grown into a global effort with the…

Developing the West 5 Discovery Centre

Recently, the adHOME team got out of the office to take part in an afternoon time travel adventure. Ok, we really just hopped in the car and went for a road trip, but when we stepped inside the doors of the newly opened Sifton West 5 Discovery Centre, it certainly felt like the future. This…

Those who dare…WIN

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This year, three of our clients decided to take a bold step forward and push their brands in a direction that was considerably outside of their comfort zone. These daring choices paid…

Should I Take an Internship?

From the desk of Jenny….Former adHOME Intern Exams are almost over! Uh oh, time to find a summer job. But what do I do? I think 95% of students go through this exact crisis. Take me for example, I am a second year general business student, with no clue of what I want my future…

Saul Bass: The Man who Changed Film and Design Forever

It’s been said that Saul Bass’ work is “instrumental” to the graphic design and advertising world, and although punny, rings true to many designers and artists who pull inspiration from Saul’s prosperous career. It’s safe to say that Saul was the man who altered the golden rules of design with his simple, yet out of…

150th eh?

Canada 150 has spurred many people into a Canadian pride frenzy – with the recent Canada Day celebration said and done, the festivities still continue as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday with all of us who share this beautiful country. With a huge year like Canada’s 150th hovering over proud Canadians, there was a need for…

Heinz Develops “Chicago Dog Sauce”

Perception can change in the blink of an eye in the advertising world. Coming from a solid branding background, we know that anything can happen to a brand in the public eye. Although it’s important to be constantly influencing your target audience to feel and react a certain way to your branding efforts, sometimes those…

The Rise of K-Pop

In the western world, it isn’t uncommon to see pop stars cameo in ads for big brands, whether it be an appearance on a Nike commercial or a recognizable voiceover for the latest Mr. Christie cookie. It makes sense for brands to hire public figures in order to reach that particular influencer’s target audience. In…

80’s Nostalgia

We know that trends don’t just appear out of nowhere. They’re born and inspired by a need for something fresh…and every trend starts somewhere. Trends work in cycles. Born from something that was once dated, old ideas creep back in and become new again. The 80s inspired many trends and had an unmistakable influence on…

It’s Not “Responsive.” It’s Mobile First.

It’s official. Mobile traffic has surpassed its desktop counterpart. So when it comes to web design and development, you can no longer afford to build a desktop site first and adapt it later to mobile. It’s time to start thinking like a mobile user first. What do your existing and prospective customers need when they’re…

As Seen on Instagram

Over the last couple of years, Influencer Marketing has taken over. We have to look no further than America’s First Family, The Kardashians, as proof of this. The Kardashian’s aren’t singing praises for the likes of SkinnyTea, Air BnB and Nova Jeans on their Instagram feeds from the goodness of their hearts. Nope, they are…

Snapchat: Revolutionizing Virtual Reality

Snapchat user or not – the ever-popular snap filters are something that everyone’s at least a little bit familiar with. The introduction of the very first Snapchat filters garnered great success with their users, so naturally, Snapchat has stepped up their game. Snapchat let its users take advantage of selfie filters such as zombies, seniors,…

McDonald’s Gets Playful with BeatQuiz

As the world of marketing expands, experiential marketing has moved to the forefront. Creating unique and engaging moments, experiential marketing provides brands with the ability to stand out against competitors and if the tactic works…the result is marketing gold – brand loyalty. So, what does it take to create a marketing experience? We see it…

Building A Campaign That Is Unique As You

Do you match your headphones to your briefcase? Or your socks to your suspenders? Is your productivity at its highest when you’re within a 15-meter radius from at least 3 different burrito or donut shops? If that’s the case, most commercial spaces these days just aren’t built to withstand the magnitude of your millennial creativity.…

A Woman’s World

Beauty has become a convoluted notion. In 2017, beauty can be seen in the form of perfectly sculpted eyebrows, hair extensions, crop tops, and whatever “thigh-brows” are…(I must have missed that memo). Women as a collective are bombarded with thousands of images and symbols forced in our faces every day, dictating how to be beautiful,…

The Champions League

The final stages of the Champions League are in full swing! The finals of this tournament get more than double the amount of views as the Superbowl (360 million versus 111 million, respectively). Despite the immense global popularity of the Champions League, it’s largely unknown to hockey-loving Canadians. In fact, many of our own adHOME’rs…

Start Your JRNY: Brand Or Be Branded

This past month we’ve been in a musical state of mind as we moved into the next phase of our latest Bluedoor Initiative. We kicked off the brand development part of this project by welcoming the team from Start Your JRNY, and the winning band, Five Oceans, for a branding bootcamp. As everyone walked into…

adHOME Partners with TSSA for a Blockbuster Campaign

In an effort to reduce the number of carbon monoxide poisonings which continue to threaten the safety of homeowners across Ontario, TSSA and adHOME have teamed up to deliver a campaign that takes a page out of a Hollywood script. The Ontario-wide campaign is one of TSSA’s largest public-focused carbon monoxide poisoning prevention efforts to-date.…

Why Did They Do That? 10 Marketing Mistakes

As an advertising agency, we are continually inspired by campaigns created by other agencies. As we know, with good comes the bad. Brands are constantly on the look out for bold and exciting ideas that will turn heads, and in some cases, these ideas are so out there that they can miss the mark completely.…

Pass The Heinz

It’s time for marketers to dust off their Mad Men DVDs and give them another watch. Heinz has officially approved an ad campaign created nearly fifty years ago by Mad Men’s only, Don Draper. You heard that right – Heinz is actually running the ads at present. Although the client did not approve the concept…

Why Video is a Must for a Successful Marketing Strategy

As marketers, it’s really no surprise that videos are an important part of marketing in this day and age. Video and Marketing go together like burgers and fries. You typically don’t get one without the other, and if you do – let’s be honest; you feel like something is missing. Brands that utilize video as…

Privacy: The 21st Century’s Greatest Myth

Instagram. Snapchat. Facebook. Fitbits. We are all connected these days, sharing everything from our latest meal, to our new step goal. As a whole, we continue to share private information we wouldn’t have shared 10 to 15 years ago. Now, we find ourselves agonizing over what we should and should not share online. With every…

Getting to know Mark Brown

Mark Brown is a tough guy to spot. Between meeting with clients, briefing his developers, attending (or speaking at) tech conferences, sketching wireframe after wireframe and unleashing his own code onto the web, he moves from place to place like the Flash. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get him to take a…

The Down-low on Direct Sales

Astronomically different from digital or traditional sales approaches, Direct Sales is a beast all of its own. This sales technique has been around the longest, dating back to 1000 B.C. An Egyptian landowner drafted an advertisement on a piece of papyrus offering a gold coin reward for the return of his runaway slave. You can…

Keeping it under wraps…

As creatives, we’re constantly on the hunt for new and exciting ideas, inspiration and all things artistic. Wrapping paper was a no-brainer for us when it comes to putting a personal touch on something special for your loved ones. In a world with such curated, cookie-cutter products on the market, gift-wrapping has become the perfect way…

Random “Axe” of Kindness with Junior Achievement

Okay, so you already knew that adHOME competes for the spot of top advertising agency with a few other talented local London agencies. But we’re willing to bet that there’s no agency in town that could beat us in our axe-throwing abilities! adHOME took to the BATL grounds last month to go head to head…

Start Your JRNY – Creativity, Music, Making History

Artists and musicians are what make up the cultural fabric of any city. That’s why we are ecstatic to be partnering with Prevail Media Group for the Start Your JRNY contest. This marks our latest Blue Door initiative. Prevail Media Group is a collective of Londoners who provide musicians with an authentic atmosphere of creativity…

Why is Search Engine Optimization so Important?

When looking at digital marketing, search engine optimization often comes up, but why is it so important? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the name given to the group of actions that attempt to improve organic search engine rankings. These are the order and relevance of unpaid search results within a search engine query. We know…

How DDB Became The King of Copy

This month at adHOME, one of our esteemed Account Directors took us back to a time long ago when copywriters were kings. He treated us to the short but powerful documentary: “Remember those great Volkswagen ads?” This documentary shares the story of the charming, honest ad campaigns DDB World Communications created for Volkswagen in the fifties. The…

Our View on Viewbooks

With over 98 universities in Canada, 1,845 in the United States and over 23,000 worldwide, these academic institutions are in constant competition with each other and are challenged not only with publishing compelling and robust research in the most prestigious journals, but also with developing a unique brand voice that is loud enough to be heard…

Small Agencies. BIG Ideas.

While the volume during one of our brainstorming sessions may suggest that there are hundreds of us, we’re really only a team of 25. Our adHOME team certainly roared when we worked on our award-winning campaign for the Ontario Senior Games Association entitled “Age is Nothing. Game is Everything”. In addition to winning a Summit…

Black Friday Mania

As Canadians, we’re used to “excuse me,” “sorry,” and other over the top cordial behaviour that has been coined “a Canadian thing.” Nevertheless, Canadians have adopted the idea of Black Friday, originally blossoming in the United States. Albeit Canadian culture doesn’t condone the rambunctiousness that comes with Black Friday in America, it has become quite…

Pawfect Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving. For many members of our adHOME family that includes giving gifts of love to our four-legged friends. When the London Humane Society approached us asking for help with their Christmas campaign, it hit home for a lot of us. The London Humane Society is funded 100% by donations with…

That’s a Wrap at Saint George Street!

We did it! After more than a year of looking, planning, interior designing and packing, we’ve finally relocated to 318 Wolfe Street in the heart of downtown London. Even though we’ve only been here a week, we’ve already begun to utilize every square inch of our three-story Victorian beauty with big ideas, bold designs and…

Rocky Horror History

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey. It all started on the 16th of June in 1973… Misfits, drunks and partygoers gathered in a small, dark room located above the Royal Court Theatre in London to see the musical that tells the story of a mad transvestite scientist that boasts a…

Can You Hear Me Now?

Whether you’re a bold account director with years of experience, a seasoned graphic designer or an account exec honing new skills – communication is always key. adHOME’s culture is one of collaboration, constructive criticism and effective communication, but everyone can use a brush up from time to time. This week we looked at utilizing good…

Keeping Up With Code

Don’t blink. Between staying on top of the latest viral videos and repurposing memes before they reach their nearly 24-hour expiration, it can be easy to miss out on the many wonders of the Internet. Fortunately, our digital team never stops exploring the most dynamic trends in all things digital. This week at Breakfast Club, one of our aspiring…

The Invisible Brand

There is an invisible marketing tool that is often overlooked; and that’s the power of sound. In the beginning, there was a voice. When you were born, one of the first voices to grace your eardrums was your mother’s. It has been proven that a mother’s voice to her child is so powerful that it…

How Walt Disney and Snow White Fuelled Airbnb’s Success

It all started on a cold winter night in 1934. Walt Disney playfully tossed his staff some cash and told them to get dinner and meet him promptly at the Disney soundstage. Disney stood alone in the spotlight of a dark and dusty stage, staring back at his group of staff who were unprepared for…

Getting to know Mary-Ellen

Walking into Mary-Ellen’s office, three things are extremely apparent. First, she loves her pup – a gorgeous chocolate lab named Sadie – whose treats and toys sit along the far wall for the days the office doubles as a dog park. Second, she is organized. Despite constantly running around, working on multiple projects at once,…

World Cup of Hockey

Go Canada Go! The World Cup of Hockey is well underway and Canada is undefeated! Tonight marks the first game of the Finals between Team Canada and Team Europe. While Team Canada and Team Europe are getting ready to battle it out on the ice, major brands are in a fierce competition of their own. This year, Scotiabank and…

Netflix and chill

Ahhh, Netflix and chill. The seemingly innocent phrase that has become one of the most popular sexual innuendos of the generation… but what does it actually mean? According to urban dictionary, it involves anything but actually watching Netflix and “chilling” but we’ll let you explore that one on your own. The phrase is commonly used…

Google Goes Vegan

Google’s attempt to purchase Impossible Foods, a vegan burger startup in Silicon Valley, was the hot topic of a recent Breakfast Club presentation. Veganism is a philosophical doctrine whereby proponents recognize the ubiquitous use of animals in a variety of industries including food, cosmetics testing, entertainment and clothing. Vegans attempt to minimize animal suffering as…

What’s wrong with the world, and what can we do about it?

adHOME took a look recently at an insightful film that implores you to think of ways you can improve the way you live, individually and in your communities. Tom Shadyac, popular filmmaker of several successful movies and director of this attention-grabbing documentary called I am, poses the question: What is wrong with the world, and what…

The Baby Market

Babies are a gold mine. I’m sure that’s not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the many descriptive words for babies, but it couldn’t be truer. There are a few people in our office who are expecting in the coming months, which has spurred some discussion on the costs associated with…

Being an Office & Production Manager

An advertising agency is a machine, and every machine needs that grease to help it run smoothly and more efficiently. At adHOME, we work hard to bring our clients the most out of print and digital advertising, but what some people don’t see is what happens behind the scenes. Today, we would like to feature…

adHOME Takes Gold!

We are the champions! The adHOME team is absolutely ecstatic to announce that we won some very exciting advertising awards! First up, our highly successful Homes Built for Life campaign took gold at the Summit Creative Awards this year! This was such a fun campaign. We had a blast making the homes look “lived in” for…

Creativity lives inside the box?

At adHOME, our creativity is our biggest asset. Clients come to us when they’re looking for something new, unconventional and, sometimes, a little outside their comfort zones. We like to push ourselves to think outside the box. This week, however, was a bit different. Inspired by renowned designer Charles Eames‘ most famous quote, “design depends…

adROAD to Rio

In just a few weeks, the world will turn their eyes to witness one of the most celebrated and historic international multi-sport events. The Games of the XXXI Olympiad (Rio 2016) will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5th until the closing ceremonies on August 21st, encompassing more than 10,500 athletes from…

What is Digital Marketing?

It is often quite easy to get caught up in the technology of the day, and forget to take the time and explain some of the great digital marketing outlets out there. At adHOME we work with many digital marketing outlets, from Google to Bing, and Facebook to LinkedIn, and our experiences range from small…

Team Building

This Breakfast Club presentation is brought to you by Sesame Street! Just kidding… it’s not. But this week’s theme, team building, was inspired by Sesame Street’s “Cooperation Makes it Happen” song. At adHOME, we’re all team players. We work synergistically. We each bring something unique to the table- whether it’s skills in rebranding, design, copywriting, translation, content…

Think global, act local.

While doing research for a global brand campaign we’re launching for one of our clients, we stumbled upon some notable brand adaptations in foreign countries. Which led us to wonder… would a Burger King burger taste as delicious if it were a Hungry Jacks burger instead? This “brand shock” should be familiar to those of…

The corporate friends of Dorothy

What does gay pride have to do with the Wizard of Oz? The phrase “are you a friend of Dorothy?” dates back to World War 2, when homosexual acts were still very illegal in the United States. It was a creative and safe way to find other homosexuals in secret. Why Dorothy though? In the…

Finding your WayHome

As the warmer weather finally arrives, the deluge of music festivals begin to fill the hot summer weekends. This week adHOME discussed a fairly new festival one year in the making called WayHome, sister festival to Bonnaroo. The purpose of WayHome is to bring the vibe of Coachella to Ontario. This years big headliner is…

The Living Office Process

adHOMErs have had a lot of excitement these days! With the recent announcement of our move to 318 Wolfe Street, we’ve been dreaming about what our new office will look like. The Facility Resources team graciously agreed to humour our hypotheses and to teach us about the Living Office process. Living Office is about forming a deep…

Being an Account Director

What makes adHOME tick? Our people. So today we thought you’d like to get to know one of our Account Directors, Tony Soares. Tony works with our clients and makes sure everyone’s happy and that our work is of the highest quality—and that it will get our clients’ brands the attention they deserve. Tony is…

Unboxing Subscription Boxes

Breakfast Club was especially tasty on Monday when adHOMErs got to sample some delicious snacks from popular subscription boxes. We explored the latest retail craze: monthly subscription boxes. You can now choose from hundreds of boxes filled with premium samples from major brands that get delivered right to your door each month for as low as…

Say hello to Sweden

At adHOME, we applaud innovative thinking. Creative and unconventional strategy that leaves a lasting impression. The country of Sweden’s campaign initiatives are great examples of this out of the box thinking. This week, we looked at Sweden’s story and it’s unique strategy to put itself on the map. It all started with a simple idea, to…

Ethonomics at adHOME

As creatives, we’re always hunting for the next trend (if not starting it). Inspired by the big move, Jason indulged us with a Breakfast Club presentation on ethonomics, the latest trend in office design. It might just be the future of workspaces and, naturally, we want to be at the forefront of this progressive shift. Ethonomic workspace designs promote…

Snapchatting with adHOME

This week at the adHOME headquarters we decided to discover the Snapchat app for ourselves with a tutorial on the platform. Snapchat was created five years ago by two college students. It was initially called “Picaboo” and was only available to iOS users. What makes Snapchat different from all the other modern ways of sharing visual content?…

Content Driven Campaigns

Online, it all comes down to one thing: content. Whether it’s putting the consumer’s skills to the test and seeing what ads and ideas they can come up with for a contest, or whether you sit down and write it/film it/draw it yourself, content is what will draw consumers into your brand and keep them…

Analyzing Movie Posters

This week, adHOME explores movie posters, and how this special medium gets us into the theatre (preferably with popcorn!).  Movie posters are an old medium, so keeping things fresh is a big task. In fact, the first movie posters started popping up in the 1890s. One hundred and twenty (120) years ago. That was before…

How to Be a Digital Marketing Manager

At adHOME, we like to get to know you and your consumer so we can tailor the campaigns we build to suit your needs.  We think maybe you’d like to get to know us as well. Today we had a chat with Javier, to provide insight into the life of a digital marketer. Before coming…

The Second Largest Search Engine

Okay so, Google, but then what? If you didn’t know it, the number two search engine is (controversially) YouTube! This top media sharing platform was evaluated this week here at adHOME. Why take a look at YouTube? Its been around since 2005, and it was bought by Google less than a year after officially launching…

adHOMEr’s Christen the Crib

As you may have heard, adHOME is moving!

Thursday afternoon was the first time the entire staff got together for a “Winedown” event over at our new home at the beautiful 318 Wolfe Street.

adHOME’s Take on SXSW

Javier presented his Breakfast Club this week on SXSW (a.k.a. South by Southwest), a festival that took place from March 11th to 20th in Austin, Texas, with divisions each for what they dub interactive, film, and music. SXSW is known as a place where artists and brand names get their start. In music, for example,…

Batman & His Brand’s History

Michael’s timely breakfast club this week was on Batman. As you may know, the new Batman movie–or the Batman and Superman movie–came out on March 25th. Michael wanted to share with us some of the backstory behind this iconic superhero. This year marks Batman’s 75th anniversary, meaning that the superhero has been around for three quarters of…

Brand Wars

From the desk of Kayla Vanstone, adHOME Intern.   This week’s Breakfast Club it was my turn to present, so we explored the latest in brand wars and rivalries. Some brand rivalries have existed for as long as we can remember – namely Coke vs. Pepsi – while others are in the infant stages of…

Behind Lego Doors

For this month’s Home Skooled, adHOME looked at the documentary The Secret World of Lego. The documentary—which is currently a controversial issue since Lego feels it is portrayed too much like a cult—delves into the top secret world of Lego, where shutters are closed and doors are locked so that any of the new toy…

Start Talking: The Rise of Voice Assistant Devices

“Siri.” “Okay Google.” “Alexa.” You can put almost anything in quotes and it’d be a voice command for some sort of device. This week adHOME discovers Voice Assistance and the devices and brands that are looking to capitalize on this technology. The first big brand that’s taking a bite of this pie is Amazon. Last…

Game of Drones

For this week’s Breakfast Club, Jason took the floor to discuss innovation in droning technology. Not the monotone kind, or the bee kind, but the man-made and unmanned flying kind. Don’t worry, adHOME has not yet implemented our branded drone ad delivery services. But a few companies have begun to use drones as part of…

Marketing the Merc With a Mouth

Tony presented this week’s Breakfast Club on Deadpool, and this recent highly successful movie. We have to refer to Deadpool like a real guy because he thinks he is… and we want it to be true. While Deadpool or Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, breaks the fourth wall by talking directly to the audience…

Top Design Trends 2016

  For this week’s Breakfast Club, Nik, our Senior Art Director, discussed upcoming trends for 2016. Although he didn’t tell us which fashion boots would be hot this year, he did talk about what trends are in store for us in graphic design. At adHOME, graphic design is an important part of what we do.…

What Else is Going on in the Music Industry?

  At adHOME, we know the consumer and consumerism, from services to products, from patterns to shelf-life, and like any other product, music fits into this map somewhere, but sometimes it’s hard to determine quite where. Certain music seems disposable—it might play non-stop on the radio for three months and then get replaced, never to…

The Man Back from the Dead

At our Breakfast Club on Monday, Matt’s presentation was on the topical movie that might just shatter the popular meme of an Oscar-less Leonardo DiCaprio: The Revenant. Matt didn’t want to spoil anything though, so his presentation explored the arguably more interesting topic of the historic truth behind the movie. Hugh Glass, the main character…

Things of the Future

For this week’s Breakfast Club, Katie presented us with some of the most intriguing and perhaps odd technologies of the future. January marks the time of year when we’re all thinking about how to make our future better. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 5th to 9th 2016, there were plenty of new…

A Look Ahead at Entertainment in 2016

“A new year, a new you” is not exactly what the film industry is thinking for 2016. During Javier’s Breakfast Club, he outlined just how many sequels and remakes the movie industry is planning on putting out this year. A couple to get excited about are Captain America: Civil War and the next Star Wars…

Good Chemistry

The age old question of “Where do you want to eat lunch?” has plagued enough workplaces. Take a look at a typical interaction in our office. Jason: “Where do you want to go for lunch?” Tony: “Anywhere, doesn’t matter” Jason: “Great, let’s go to Jack Astors” Tony: “No, we went there last week” Jason: “But…

Creativity Anywhere

As a design agency, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient and stay on the cutting edge of technology.  Michael’s Breakfast Club presentation showed us how we could do just that!  It focussed on some of the advancements of design software and the appeal of designing on the go in today’s active…

What we can learn from Star Wars

With the imminent arrival of the new Star Wars film coming this month, lets talk about the super-heavyweight marketing marriage of Disney and LucasFilm. What are they doing to promote the upcoming and eagerly awaited instalment? See Nik’s breakfast club presentation outlining some of the Star Wars marketing lessons that can be used in other marketing campaigns. Everything from advertisements, to merchandising, this…

360 is All Around Us

In the marketing world, the introduction of 360 video has been the fresh spin on video advertising that brands are jumping on board with. With the recent announcement of Facebook’s 360 video capabilities, 360 videos are popping up everywhere. See some of the early adapter brands already using this technology.   Nike Football – The Neymar…

Share Your Christmas Fail

With the holiday season fast approaching, adHOME worked with Tender Tootsies and Tootsies Shoe Market to launch the “Win With Your #ChristmasFail” promotion. The promotion invites people to share their memorable holiday moments for a chance to win a footwear prize package. These are the moments that we will never forget. The priceless moments that…

Changing WAYS

This October, adHOME was honoured to be part of the new brand launch for the former Western Area Youth Services (WAYS) not-for-profit organization. Creating a new name was a critical part of the branding process to appropriately communicate the services provided and to help the agency compete for funding and donations in a fiercely competitive…

The Intern Perspective

From the desk of Joanna….Former adHOME Intern When you think of an internship what comes to mind? Do you think of a poor student forced to be the official coffee fetcher, all while taking lunch orders and slaving over mindless grunt work? If so, think again! Although that may still happen at some companies, it’s…

We’ve Dog-Gone Done It

As you may know, many of us adHOMErs are dog lovers and our office is frequently visited by the office pooch, Sadie. So when coming up with one of our next big promotions for our client, CertainTeed Insulation, we had our 4-legged friends in mind. We created a promotion that would raise brand awareness for…

Helping Students Stay Healthy

In preparation for the upcoming school year, adHOME worked with The University of Toronto to launch their HealthyU website. The site featured a playful and colourful design divided into four key areas focused on the health and well-being of students – HappyU, SafeU, FuelU and MoveU. For university students, academic and personal success are often…

Why “stick-to-it-tivness” is so important

Determination is a curious thing. How can some people have “stick-to-it-tivness” and others stop at the first hurdle. What can we learn from people who have overcome overwhelming odds to succeed? Our Designer, Kate had the same questions and this week she shared the findings with the team. Kate looked at three incredible lives; Johnny…

Fuelling Your Wanderlust

What kind of tourist are you? Do you prefer the familiar? Taking it easy at a resort in Mexico or a family trip to Disney Land or are you interest in something a bit further afield; exploring the ruins of Ankor Wat in Cambodia or volunteering on a archeological excavation in Peru? This week we explored the marketing of…

Learning to Share.

Growing up our parents, grandparents and teachers taught us to always be kind and share our toys with others. As adults, we never anticipated that these values would be taken so literally. The rise of the sharing economy has us sharing our homes, our cars and other resources with complete strangers and feeling good about…

The Voice of Advertising

Advertising is hooked on creative designs, and rightly so. They’re the backbone of any good campaign and something we constantly strive for at adHOME. While advertising can’t exist without a strong creative design, there is something that predates advertising itself. It’s humble nature means it ends up often as an overlooked and underestimated element in advertising:…

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

  adHOME has been working with Tootsies Shoe Market over the past two years to enhance the Tootsies brand online with a growing Facebook page and digital advertising. This strategy has focused on building brand recognition and a strong customer base leading up to the e-commence website launch. Just as the style of shoes is…

I am McJobs

Meet Bill Johnson. After leaving home at 16, Bill went from flipping burgers to becoming the Chairman, President & CEO of McDonalds Restaurants of Canada. His stories of business and life were captured in his new book, “I am McJobs”, co-authored with Sunil Godse. Bill’s success was all about hard work and having fun. adHOME…

Reality made Virtual

Last spring, Facebook bought Oculus Rift to acquire their Virtual Reality technology and it’s expected that Facebook will bring consumer level VR displays to market next spring. It shouldn’t be long before VR headsets are as ubiquitous as the Xbox. Additionally, YouTube has recently allowed for 360 degree content to be uploaded to their site which…

Catch the Spirit

  Life as a student can be a crazy combination of late nights, early classes, lots of work, even more fun, and many carefree summers filled with adventure. Although the long summer breaks have long since passed for many adHOMEr’s, we have been reunited with the spirit of student life through some of our recent…

The Art of Design

Graphic design is a significant step in the process of successfully providing information, including forming a website as well as creating advertisements. We have a great team of graphic designers who often share tips and information about their thought process behind design. This week at adHOME, we talked about grids which are commonly used in…

Who are you?

The Importance of Personal Branding How are you presented online and offline? What skills and expertise do you have? These are the questions that we should be asking ourselves when determining our personal branding image. This week adHOME discussed the power of personal branding, and how important personal branding has become with the Internet and…

The Future of Marketing: Virtual Reality is Coming

The rise and power of virtual reality (VR) has not gone unnoticed by today’s technology giants. With the purchase of Oculus VR for $2 billion in March of 2014, Facebook effectively ushered in an era many knew was rapidly approaching. Facebook along with Microsoft are enabling VR headsets to connect directly to your computer in…

What is going on in the music industry?

Like many people, I often think of the music industry as a maze of creativity. A puzzle of melodies, beats and notes. A way of life that feeds your heart and soul. But I never really think about its mortality – is the music industry declining? Is creativity dying off? We discussed this potential phenomenon…

What Makes a Good Tagline?

“Eat Fresh”, “Open Happiness”, and “Betcha can’t eat just one”. While many brands, such as Starbucks, are opting to drop their tagline, we talked about the importance and viability of the tagline. While many of our staff recognized “Just do it” and “I’m lovin’ it”, other brands, such as “Good to the last drop” or…

And the Award Goes To…

As I entered my office this morning, two things came to mind… One, we need a bigger display case for all of our awards….and two, I’m proud to be a part of an agency where needing a bigger display for more awards is a problem. Last night was a great night yet again for adHOME…

The Southwest Regional Senior Games

The Southwest Regional Senior Games is an aspirational day of athletic excellence, bringing the most accomplished and celebrated athletes over the age of 55 together to compete on a regional stage. In past years, the games have been an operational success, however, promoting the concept of senior-aged athletes competing has always been a marketing challenge.…

Top Ten Design Trends in 2015

As an advertising agency, we constantly stay on top of design trends and are always learning about new design mediums. adHOME Senior Graphic Designer, Nik Reid, highlights ten key trends such as Rich Content Experiences, SVGs and Cinemagraphs that have shaped the design industry and are trending for 2015. Below are some of the highlights,…

Your Digital Performance at a Glance

  Now more than ever, a company’s digital presence and online marketing activities are increasingly vital tools to drive business and build a brand with consumers. However, technology moves fast and with no access to real-time digital data, it’s akin to stumbling around in the dark. adHOME is very proud to announce the launch of…

Ordering Made Easy on the Green

Fairway drives, impossible putts and an afternoon of sunshine. Golfing is a popular pastime, but there often isn’t time to grab that satisfying snack at the 9th hole mark, or at the clubhouse after your round. One of adHOME’s longest-standing clients, Maple Leaf Foodservice, faced this challenge with its golf course customers. If golfers skip the clubhouse, it…

A Proper Sandwich Shop

A sandwich might just be the perfect food. Fresh sourdough bread, slow-roasted meats, green olive aioli, provolone cheese, arugula and maybe a dash of herbed mustard seed vinaigrette – each sandwich at Wich is Wich is a work of art. That’s why, when adHOME was approached to develop a brand for this new restaurant concept,…

Growing the adHOME Family

  adHOME is excited to announce the appointment of Associate Creative Director, Michael Crusz who joined the agency in February. Michael made the big move to the Forest City and comes to adHOME via Toronto agency Squareknot, where he worked with clients such as Air Miles, BMO Bank of Montreal and Apple. Before that, he…

Making The Shortlist

On January 7, 2015, adHOME Creative was announced as a finalist for the London Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards in the category of Medium Business of the Year. The awards celebrate the best and brightest of the London business community. adHOME’s commitment to the City of London, positive work culture and their ability to…

A Bold New Site

  Sometimes creating a new website for your own company can be one of the most challenging things – lots of stops and starts, lots of changing direction and LOTS of different opinions. As an agency, it’s often so much simpler to do work for your clients than it is for yourselves. That was the…

Elevating Website Design

With elevator-related injuries in Ontario on the rise, adHOME worked with the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) to create a new elevator safety website aimed at educating the public on safe riding behaviour. Research indicates that almost all elevator-related injuries occur in one of three places – residential, commercial or institutional buildings. These locations…

Pushing Personal Injury Awareness

  The stats are alarming. Distracted driving is the number one killer on Ontario roads, leaving more deceased in 2013 than any other activity. According to the OPP, 78 deaths were caused by distracted driving in 2013, compared with 57 from impaired driving and 44 from speeding. In November 2014, adHOME had the chance to…

adHOME For The Holidays

We started our planning for this years agency Christmas card back in July …

McKenzie Lake – GM Recall Campaign

General Motors has recalled more than 25 million vehicles in North America due to safety defects …

Take Your Child To Work Day

Julia joined the adHOME team on November 5th for the annual “Take your Child to Work Day”.

A Circle of Hope

A Circle of Hope is creating a healing bond between humans and animals …

The Best Time to Post on Facebook

I’ve seen a few different posts floating around purporting to have solved the mystery behind ‘the best time to post’ on various social media platforms…

A Recipe for Success

Last spring adHOME was given a challenge. How do you get people out on the road, visiting some of Southwestern Ontario’s best culinary destinations? The answer . . . BEER!

A Proper Sandwich Shop for Downtown London

adHOME is proud to support our local business community so we took on the delicious task of branding London’s newest boutique sandwich shop.

adHOME Reel

adHOME has expanded and adapted its capabilities to encompass all facets of traditional media, web and mobile development as well as digital services and social media.

adHOME is Putting the Lid on Hunger!

During the last 3 weeks of August, our Blue Door committee ran a food drive and made it their mission to help raise awareness and donate food items to the London Food Bank.

Chalkboard Wall Mural

For a little added inspiration at the agency, the adHOME team designed and sketched this chalkboard wall mural on one of the boardroom walls.

A New Partnership

adHOME has always offered an array of digital services to our clients, but through a new certification program by Google, we are officially recognized as a Google Partner.

adHOME Christmas Greeting 2013

This season, we composed and performed our very own holiday greeting for you to enjoy. Yes, that’s really us singing!

The Breast Garage Sale Ever!

Another Blue door Initiative … adHOME would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who pitched in and supported The Breast Garage Sale Ever this past weekend.

Life as a Marketing Intern

I knew from the beginning that landing a position as a marketing intern at adHOME would provide me with great experiences. What I did not know was…

Making London a Better Place to Call Home

Today, we’re launching our Blue Door Initiative: a banner under which to capture our activities that help make London a better place to call home.

How Well Do You Know Your Ads?

At the 2013 adHOME summer party, our advertising IQ was put to the test. At adHOME, creativity doesn’t just stop after we leave the office – we incorporate it in all that we do.

adHOME Wins Big at Virtuoso Awards

adHOME won 8 Virtuoso awards at the annual International Association of Business Communicators gala last Thursday evening. The Mad Men themed gala was…

Covergirl Page Takeover

On May 31st, 2013, adHOME created a page takeover on the Much Music website for our client, Procter & Gamble. The takeover was created for Covergirl…

A Fair Day at the Fairway

adHOME staff took part in the Annual London Creative Network (LCN) Golf Tournament on May 16, 2013. Here’s a few of our photos…

adHOME Cooking Challenge

adHOME’rs swapped office attire for aprons and chef’s hats at local London restaurant, Aroma. They were challenged to create 4 dishes and were judged on creativity and execution.

The Flip Flop Hypothesis

Who would win in a race between a fit Aussie & a chubby Englishman? Our web designer and developer put it to the test!

Surge Communications becomes adHOME

LONDON, December 3, 2012 – Surge Communications announced the launch of its new brand, website and corporate identity – adHOME.

Ad Men Strut Stuff to Raise Funds

We are proud to support and participate in London’s annual ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ charity event to raise awareness and funds to end violence against women and children.

Double Whammy: adHOME Wins Two Coveted Awards

It’s not every day that an agency can brag about winning both a DOPE and Design Lick Award for its client work. The two coveted website trophies recognize…

Family Service Thames Valley AGM Video

Family Service Thames Valley helps people who are struggling to find the strength to meet the challenges life brings their way.

Big Wins at IABC Virtuoso Awards Show

It was a stellar night for adHOME, as the London-based agency scooped up eight awards at the 2012 IABC Virtuoso Awards.

Our Road to the Nationals

Our agency had the opportunity to support a local 15-year-old girls competitive volleyball team from the Forest City Volleyball Club. Teams across the country entered…

New Leaders at The Helm

Mary-Ellen Willard and Mark Brown have jointly taken over the helm as new Partners of adHOME, a predominant advertising agency in southwestern Ontario.


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