A Circle of Hope

Will the circle be broken? If it’s up to Diane Kelly, the answer is no.  Diane founded the charity that pairs abused and abandoned animals with mentally challenged youth. The bond created between human and animal has an incredible healing power beyond our conventional ideas of medicine. What’s amazing about Diane’s approach is that both the animal and the client are healer and healed.

Being an avid animal rights enthusiast, Partner, Mary-Ellen Willard was seeking an opportunity to volunteer with an animal rescue organization and stumbled upon A Circle of Hope. She thought it was such great organization that she just had to help out. Together, Diane, and the adHOME team collaborated to create a video, website and stationary package. Given that the video was largely shot on an iPhone, the results are incredible. With this fresh new look, A Circle of Hope is ready to achieve their vision as an organization devoted to providing diverse, affordable, compassionate, and client-centred services for all ages and abilities.