A Recipe for Success

Last spring, adHOME was given a challenge. How do you get people out on the road, visiting some of Southwestern Ontario’s best culinary destinations?

The answer . . . BEER!

Leveraging one of the fastest growing areas in advertising – content marketing – we developed a cookbook for the Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation, showcasing some amazing recipes that can only be created with specific craft beers found at breweries throughout our region.

They included the Railway City Brewery in St. Thomas, Bayside Brewery in Erieau, Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm in Norfolk County, Forked River Brewery in London, The Blue Elephant Brew House in Simcoe and Walkerville Brewery in Windsor.

With the diverse range of pilsners, lagers, ales and stouts these award-winning breweries offered, we were able to showcase several unique creations. A few included Captain Blonde Ale Marinated Shrimp, Cheddar & Bacon Soup with Rye Pale Ale and Ramblin’ Road Country Ale Burger Delight.

The goal was to create content that we could leverage through the cookbook and online. By showcasing recipes, we would inspire people to travel to these areas, giving them a chance to explore the community and stock up on the signature ingredients needed for the delicious dishes.

It wasn’t an easy recipe for success.

We needed to find one dynamic chef, 10 unique dish ideas, a photographer and food stylist duo and over 100 different props. Once everything was assembled, we also needed to find the perfect spot to shoot our culinary creations. We decided there was no better place than one of Southwestern Ontario’s most iconic produce destinations, the Covent Garden Market in downtown London.

In the end, we succeeded in creating a craft beer cookbook that’s a unique guide to exploring culinary experiences throughout the region.