adHOMEr’s Christen the Crib

From the desk of Nicola, Account Executive.


As you may have heard, adHOME is moving!

Thursday afternoon was the first time the entire staff got together for a “Winedown” event over at our new home at the beautiful 318 Wolfe Street.

We all gathered in the foyer and after a quick toast from Mary-Ellen and Mark, we all clinked our champagne flutes and, thenceforth, the new crib was christened!

We brought our champagne around with us as Mark gave us a guided tour of all three floors (plus the dungeon!). With some research, Mark knows everything about the history of the various owners of this place, which was built in 1892, in case you were wondering.

Our new crib has tons of character, which is fitting, because so do we, to say the least. From the century-old marble fireplaces and stained glass windows to the see-through square glass block wall built in the 80’s, our new office has tons of personality.

Perhaps the most striking part about our new office is the three-story triangular window. We have no idea what we’re going to do with those stunning and sunny but random triangular sections on each floor. Some of our staff liked the idea of installing a fire pole through there (our imaginations were running wild), but we’ll probably leave it up to the inventive designers over at Facility Resources, who will recommend a unique “Living Office” concept for our new space that we can’t wait to blog about in the future.

It’s hard to say whether the glimmer in Mary-Ellen’s eye throughout the evening was from her excitement about moving into the new office or if it’s because she had just thought of the perfect hiding spot for the most competitive event of the year: the adHOME Easter Egg Hunt.

After the tour, we gathered on the second floor, where we told stories, jokes, and Karah broke out into unique moves across what will hopefully be our official office dance floor.

After such a fun evening, we realized we would have to wait six months for the renovations to happen before we can move in to our new space. The sentiment was bittersweet, but, fortunately, we’ll have lots of fun projects to keep us busy until our big move.


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