Small Agencies. BIG Ideas.

While the volume during one of our brainstorming sessions may suggest that there are hundreds of us, we’re really only a team of 25.

Our adHOME team certainly roared when we worked on our award-winning campaign for the Ontario Senior Games Association entitled “Age is Nothing. Game is Everything”. In addition to winning a Summit Creative Award earlier this year, this campaign recently won a Silver Davey Award for design prowess for a Non-Profit Print Campaign.

The Davey Awards is an international creative award focused exclusively on honouring outstanding creative work from the best small agencies worldwide. The 2016 Davey Awards received nearly 4,000 entries from ad agencies, interactive agencies, production firms, in-house creative professionals, graphic designers, design firms and public relations firms.

The campaign was created for the Southwest Regional Senior Games, which is an aspirational day of athletic excellence that brings the most accomplished and celebrated athletes over the age of 55 together to compete on a regional stage. In the past, the organizers have struggled with communicating the excitement, passion, and prestige that these athletes truly deserve.

adHOME worked closely with the organizing committee to develop a fresh, forward-thinking brand for the games that would revitalize the visual identity and drastically change the overall perception of the event and its esteemed athletes.

The concept was inspired by the very idea of celebrating athletic excellence at any age – “Age is Nothing. Game is Everything.” The creative depicted a seasoned senior athlete through a competitive, stoic lens, capturing the emotion of victory, pride, and ambition.

“In a society where ageism is still very much an issue, it was essential that the respect and admiration these athletes deserve came across clearly. The photography used has the feeling of raw unbridled confidence and competitiveness – combined with a poignant headline that created a truly emotional reaction,” said Michael Crusz, Associate Creative Director at adHOME.

“The brand and posters that adHOME developed truly represent the prestige and respect we had hoped to capture for this year’s games. Their creativity and support has given the games a fresh start, worthy of world-class awareness and sport,” said Matthew Trinnear, Chair of the Southwest Regional Senior Games Organizing Committee.

adHOME struck again with a second Silver Davey Award in the Promotional Catalogue category for our 2016-2017 University of Toronto Viewbook. adHOME has a long history of exercising our creativity in the education sector and this was a pivotal year for the design of the U of T Viewbook. Inspired by periodicals like The New Yorker, we created a modern iconic crest image for the cover and revitalized the interior pages with a contemporary flourish of illustrations and watercolour brush strokes.

We’re thrilled to be recognized by our peers through these prestigious awards and we will continue to be inspired to create award-winning work.