Double Whammy: adHOME Wins Two Coveted Awards

It’s not every day that an agency can brag about winning both a DOPE and Design Lick Award for its client work. The two coveted website trophies recognize outstanding creativity in flash animation, 3-D Art and overall website design, as judged by some of the world’s most creative designers and developers. And adHOME (formerly Surge Communications), is proud to share the DOPE and Lick Award accolades with Grand Creative, in work co-developed and created for Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), a long-standing adHOME client.

adHOME took home the DOPE award with Grand for the creation of Fun Park Boss, a task management edutainment game geared to youth aged 10-17. Every summer, TSSA undertakes on-site activity to reach youth and convey safety messages at amusement locations around Ontario. TSSA needed to find additional channels to communicate with youth to supplement the on-site activity.

adHOME’s strategy behind the game’s development was to engage the youth digitally and to effectively convey safety messages about amusement devices such as water slides, go-kart tracks and rides at fairs and exhibitions.

“Youth and young teens are a challenging target to engage, especially when it comes to delivering safety messages,” says adHOME Partner, Mary-Ellen Willard. “That’s why we chose Facebook as the channel, and educational gaming as the method to spread the word. It’s fun, interactive, and delivers the message in an entertaining way that keeps young visitors returning.”

Online ads drove 3,360 unique visitors to the game in the first month, which was considered successful for a project of this size. The game provided an excellent base to build upon, and a refined game was launched this summer.