Fuelling Your Wanderlust

What kind of tourist are you? Do you prefer the familiar? Taking it easy at a resort in Mexico or a family trip to Disney Land or are you interest in something a bit further afield; exploring the ruins of Ankor Wat in Cambodia or volunteering on a archeological excavation in Peru?

This week we explored the marketing of tourism in Ecuador. The very distinctive regions; the Amazon, Andes, Pacific Coast and Galápagos might make it seem difficult to pull together a cohesive marketing campaign for the country but the “All you need is Ecuador” does a the job beautifully.


Some of our other favourite tourism campaigns include “Pure Michigan”


Alberta’s visually stunning “Remember to Breath” campaign

And one man’s (mis) adventures in “Incredible India”

Close to home or far away marketers do a great job of fuelling your wanderlust.