Game of Drones

For this week’s Breakfast Club, Jason took the floor to discuss innovation in droning technology. Not the monotone kind, or the bee kind, but the man-made and unmanned flying kind.

Don’t worry, adHOME has not yet implemented our branded drone ad delivery services. But a few companies have begun to use drones as part of their marketing tactics.

While the US government has been using drones for a long time, brands are just starting to use drones’ speed to their advantage, thanks in part to their cheap price tag.

Amazon Prime plans to implement a service that delivers packages within 30 minutes through drone delivery. The drone will fly right to your backyard, drop the package off and leave immediately. Then you can collect your order safely, and begin using it immediately. Imagine the fast food possibilities!


amazon prime drone


Companies are also already using drones to collect impressive, high-altitude overhead shots that would otherwise cost a great deal. Innovations in drone film shooting and stability are always expanding, allowing more and more interesting shots to become possible. Real estate videos now involve sweeping overhead shots and stable shots of the interior that move smoothly from floor to ceiling, immersing the viewer in what could be their new home. Other kinds of brands are using drones to make videos of their factories, or to show completely different perspectives on events.

One company in the UK, Funny How Flowers Do That, used drones to demonstrate the idea behind their brand. It was a delivery of sorts, but more of a promotion than anything else. See what they did below.



At adHOME, we’re always looking out for the newest innovations in marketing technology. Drones can be used in new and interesting ways to spread brand awareness and key messages and to solidify your brand positioning. Being the first to jump on these innovations can create buzz around a brand and is an effective way to get people talking about your brand. Although we haven’t rolled out our fleet yet, adHOME is definitely interested in this new technology!