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Over the last couple of years, Influencer Marketing has taken over.

We have to look no further than America’s First Family, The Kardashians, as proof of this. The Kardashian’s aren’t singing praises for the likes of SkinnyTea, Air BnB and Nova Jeans on their Instagram feeds from the goodness of their hearts. Nope, they are singing these product praises for the goodness of their wallets.

And why wouldn’t they? Brands have been reported to pay up to $500,000 to access Kim K’s 9.4 million Instagram followers. While her sisters can make upwards to $25,000 a post.

Kim Kardashian Instagram

The Kardashians are the most extreme example of the marketing trend. Let’s step back and take a look at the dictionary definition of influencer marketing: “a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole.

Influencer marketing isn’t focused solely on celebrity millionaires but also includes Youtube vloggers, podcasters, bloggers and lifestyle Instagram’ers.

The majority of industries are harnessing the power of influencers. From fashion to fitness, makeup to food. Even start-up businesses can be seen putting their small marketing budget towards influencer campaigns “because what they’ll get in return is targeted exposure to the right kind of consumer, one who is already interested and will likely pay attention” (Forbes.) Take a scroll through your own  Instagram feed to discover the power and reach of influencer marketing.

So what does it take to create a memorable campaign? You need the right product, with the right influencer with the right audience. Although it sounds simple, many agencies are painstakingly cultivating influencers so they are able to find the right match for their clients; as well as dedicating whole departments to this niche.

Here’s a look at a couple brands who did it right.

Naked Juice:
Although it’s a bottled smoothie, Naked Juice’s philosophy resonated with lifestyle and fashion bloggers. Here is a post from blogger Kate.Lavie:

Naked Juice Influencer Marketing

Chanel Perfume:
Chanel was looking to build on the classic brand and introduce it to the digital age with their new scent, Chanel No. 5 L’eau. The company invited some of the most influential lifestyle bloggers to a factory tour. This move unpeeled the mystery of the company originally adored by our grandmothers, and let a new generation in by reaching thousands (upon thousands) of Instagram users.

Chanel Influencer Marketing

Has your brand used influencer marketing before?  A recent survey revealed 84% of marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing campaign during the next 12 months. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?