Life as an Account Director

At adHOME our most valued assets are our people. Today, we had a chance to talk with Jason Brown, Account Director at adHOME, to bring his perspective of what it’s like to work in a advertising agency. From a small town of 1,000 people to Account Director at adHOME, Jason is reaching his 11th year working for the agency. He has been part of many chapters in the history of adHOME and watching the evolution of the agency has been a rewarding journey for him.

According to Jason, adHOME has always been an amazing place to work. The industry is intense and requires lots of hard work, but it’s usually work you can have fun with. He loves how the environment allows you to listen to music and crack jokes – nobody takes themselves too seriously. Yet, when it comes to hard work, people here tend to give their best and that is why Jason enjoys coming to work.

The greatest factors of the agency are the people, the atmosphere and getting an adrenaline rush when things are intense. “It’s amazing when things get in a groove and everybody works together as a team. It all becomes so smooth and we get kind of in a zone where everybody is working well together and producing great work.”

“Why marketing?” we ask. When in college, Jason took a general business program, but knew his calling the moment he stepped into an advertising agency. The atmosphere and vibe attracted him instantly. When he started working in an agency, he was able to get a clear direction of where he wanted to go – the environment inspired a clear vision for his career path.

What’s his average day like? The days usually fall into three different types. One type involves the entire day in the office with ongoing meetings and conference calls throughout the day. He uses half-hour windows to check on projects to see how everything is moving with the creative team and if everything is right on track.

The second involves more travelling, and where Jason joins his team in presenting any new initiatives or the campaign results to clients. And the third type, once in a while, involves being in the office without lots of meetings. That’s when Jason uses the time to work on any deep-thinking matter – putting together a new strategy or a new creative brief.

Jason’s favourite part of the job is the collaboration throughout a campaign. Beginning with how ideas evolve from the whiteboard at a brainstorming session to becoming something concrete, like billboards or a magazine ad. That’s when he remembers the moment someone first brought that up that idea and how it goes from nothing to something that exists in the world. “That’s the most rewarding aspect is to see a job well done”.

Quick Qs

If you could convince the world of one thing, what would it be? To just relax a little bit and enjoy time with people you care about. Spend more time doing things in life that really matter and that will bring you happiness.

If you had any life advice for people? Learn to enjoy the process of achieving the goals and not the goal itself.

Do you prefer to work to music or silence? Sometimes I may need silence, but 90% of the time I need music. I prefer music in the background over headphones, so I can still interact with people.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? You could ask me this every day and I’ll probably have a different answer. Choosing one, I would go to Italy, the Amalfi Coast. I love food, nature, an exciting cultural experience, with lots of history.

What’s your favourite hobby? Hiking.

Print or digital? Print.

Netflix or cable? For sports, cable. For everything else, Netflix.