Make-A-Wish Canada: Celebrating 35 Years of Making Wishes Come True

Make-A-Wish has long been known for granting life-changing wishes for children who are critically-ill. This year, as the international chapters gathered in Toronto for their annual conference, Make-A-Wish Canada asked adHOME Creative to be their creative sponsor. To celebrate their 35th year of making wishes come true and as the conference host, Make-A-Wish Canada wanted to make a lasting impression. And driven by our desire to be part of something meaningful, adHOME was honoured to lend our expertise to the cause.

To set the tone, the annual conference is typically kicked off with a video created by the host city. This year was no exception. Our inspiration came from their Wish Impact Study that found: 71% of adult former wish kids believed the wish experience contributed to saving their lives. We distilled the insight further, to capture the essence that to these children, what a wish really represents… is hope. This led to our campaign theme, “The power of hope knows no bounds” which was the driving force in our video and entire campaign.

The video takes the viewer on a roller coaster of emotions and leaves them with a powerful and inspiring takeaway. What becomes apparent is that it’s not just a celebration of 35 years of making wishes come true… it’s a celebration of life. It’s a shared story that brings to life the power of hope. With hope, one can appreciate and cherish life more. And how having hope, makes it possible to squeeze a little more life out of every precious moment.

adHOME also created all the signage/collateral for the event including the international billboard that also led with the campaign theme, “Hope is a power that knows no bounds”. To leverage the power of social media we also created the hashtag #PowerOfWishes to encourage attendees to share their favourite memories from the event. This was followed up with an adHOME USB that allowed delegates to relive every moment with a push of a button.



















adHOME would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who helped create the video by generously donating their time and expertise. A special thank you goes out to the recording studio Toast + Jam who graciously donated studio time. As well as the talent agencies and actors who lent their voices to bring this shared story to life. Thank you for your efforts in helping to make more wishes come true.