Building A Campaign That Is Unique As You

Do you match your headphones to your briefcase? Or your socks to your suspenders? Is your productivity at its highest when you’re within a 15-meter radius from at least 3 different burrito or donut shops? If that’s the case, most commercial spaces these days just aren’t built to withstand the magnitude of your millennial creativity.

A lot of the commercial buildings out there were made for the last six generations of interchangeable insurance firms that occupied these buildings. These suites (and marketing materials thereof) lack character. They lack the things that spark your drive to sketch, create, plan, wireframe, design and come up with a killer digital masterpiece.

When Sifton came to us looking for some fresh perspective on their Commercial Division’s marketing materials, our collective imagination soared to the occasion. Our first brainstorming session turned into a literal storm of sketches-turned-paper airplanes. It was a whirlwind of dry erase markers, handstands, and profanity. The whiteboard was illegible by the end of it and the boardroom was drowning in crumpled sketches. But our vision was clear. We saw sweet suites. We saw sweeter views. We saw polka-dot bow-ties. We saw obnoxious mugs. We saw badass socks. And we saw dapper millennials at the forefront.

For this Unique as You campaign, we wanted YOU to be the focus. Unlike most commercial property ads that bombard you with floor plans and square footage, we put some visually striking, real people at the forefront. We brought their stories to life so that you could see yourself living the downtown work life in all of its micro brew and falafel-laden glory. 



Sifton maintains some of the most coveted commercial buildings in central London and it was an absolute pleasure bringing some of their tenants’ vibrant downtown lifestyles to the page. The trio of ads features Res Im. at 200 Queens Ave, Big Viking Games at 285 King Street and One London Place showcasing the individuality of the downtown Sifton lifestyle.