Netflix and chill

Ahhh, Netflix and chill. The seemingly innocent phrase that has become one of the most popular sexual innuendos of the generation… but what does it actually mean? According to urban dictionary, it involves anything but actually watching Netflix and “chilling” but we’ll let you explore that one on your own.

The phrase is commonly used on Tinder, among hundreds of other online dating and social resources that are available but where did the idea for Tinder come from? The history of unconventional relationship building occurred as early as 1685, when a British man took to the newspaper, the Gutenberg to aid his search for a lady caller.

Gentleman “willing to match himself to some Young Gentlewoman that has a fortune of 3,000 pounds or thereabout”

netflix and chill

Over the next hundred years, personal ads featuring this type of request became increasingly popular and led to the first newspaper for singles, The Matrimonial News in 1870, followed by America’s version, Wedding Bells. Homosexuals used this type of communication on a regular basis when homosexuality was still illegal. Some of these papers were actually found guilty of gross indecency because of apparent homosexual and sex trafficking coding in the messages.

In the 2000’s, online dating started to gain popularity and even movies were being produced with the plot line based around online dating. In this case, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan play two characters in the movie You’ve got mail, and fall in love via AOL – long before the term “Netflix and chill” came to fruition. (for that, we’re thankful!)

Since then, online dating has come a long way, and it’s actually become the second most common way for couples to meet. In fact, 61 percent of online users believe online dating is more efficient and easier than traditional ways to meet new people.

There are several online dating websites out there, but Tinder has introduced a new way to interact with ”potentials” in a manner that feels like a game as much as it is dating. The multimillion-dollar app was created in 2002 and has approximately 50 million active users to date. You write a quick bio about yourself, add a few photos from your Facebook profile and start swiping. The app is designed like a deck of cards – users swipe right if they like someone, or left if they don’t want to see this person show up again.

Behold – the app that coined the term “Netflix and chill.” But what about for those of us that just want some help making new friends? The good news is there are a lot of ways to connect with people online without feeling sexually harassed.


BonAppetour – For the foodie. BonAppetour connects people based on their love of cooking and hosting.



Partywithalocal – For the Bar hopper. The app will connect you with a local to take you around to the best bars that you may not have knowledge of, being a tourist.



Grouper – For the group grower. Grouper helps you expand your current friend group by arranging a group date with another crew…which would definitely help to make the meeting less awkward.



MeetnGreetMe – For the traveler. If you want to experience life like a local in a new place, MeetnGreetMe hooks you up with a local concierge that will show you the best restaurants, coolest views and where to go for basic supplies that may be a lot cheaper than what you’d find in common tourist areas.



Hey! VINA – For your BFF Hey! VINA is an app claiming to be the Tinder for finding your new best friend. The app launched earlier this year and is still in its testing stages…Unfortunately, it’s only available in select locations in the US. Although reviews of the app aren’t the best, we think this app has some real potential.


The world of online dating has opened many doors, including doors to your new best friend. So it can’t be that bad, can it? this-is-the-worst-mistake-you-can-make-on-tinder


…Let’s just say we’re relieved that there are less obnoxious options to meet people.