Random “Axe” of Kindness with Junior Achievement

Okay, so you already knew that adHOME competes for the spot of top advertising agency with a few other talented local London agencies. But we’re willing to bet that there’s no agency in town that could beat us in our axe-throwing abilities!

adHOME took to the BATL grounds last month to go head to head with other local companies in support of Junior Achievement, Canada’s largest youth business education organization.

Competitive in nature, we went in as two teams of powerhouse creatives ready to take down all 15 local organizations that participated…but as soon as we threw a few practice axes, you could feel the discouragement seeping in as our immediate competition, Xerox (who’s team seemed to have thrown an axe or two in their day) hit bull’s-eye after bull’s-eye. When we asked for an AXE-plaination, they assured us it was their first time, but by the points they were raking in, we found that hard to believe.


As the match continued to get heated, a few of us decided to try our luck with different axe-throwing techniques. You’d be surprised to know that the sport is less about strength and more about technique than anything else. For most of us, the new techniques didn’t work out as we had hoped, but some of us began throwing bulls-eyes and even hitting what is called “the clutch” in axe-throwing…which is similar to when you are sinking an 8 ball in pool…you have to call “clutch” before throwing in order to obtain points for the play.


As competitive and persevering adHOMER’s, we had to bite our tongues when we came in at 3rd place for the entire competition. The Xerox team, our beloved neighbours, won and deserved the 1st place title no question. However, if there were a reward for team spirit and enthusiasm – Sorry Xerox – adHOME would’ve taken gold.

Although we didn’t take home the victory like we had expected, our team has an array of skills that equips our agency with resources beyond imagination to create inspiring creative and jaw-dropping campaigns. Check out some of our most recent victories here.