The Silent Killer 2.0 – An Award-Winning Campaign

Last year, after a successful year-one rollout, TSSA partnered with adHOME Creative to produce The Silent Killer 2.0 Campaign.  Our goal, to significantly increase awareness around the dangers of household carbon monoxide poisoning, a seemingly dry topic not on the forefront of public consciousness.  adHOME was tasked with finding a novel way to get people throughout Ontario engaged with this very serious and grave public health and safety concern.  In 2017, we engaged a captive movie theatre audience with a Silent Killer “trailer”, intercepted theatre-goers in person as they left their movies, and directed them towards the Silent Killer Website to find out more.  For 2018, we decided to take the Silent Killer concept to a new level.

For year two of the Silent Killer campaign, we took our horror-movie premise and expanded upon it to create a truly memorable, poignantly immersive experience.  And then we took that experience across Ontario, targeting Cineplex Theatres in 11 cities that included North Bay and Sudbury, Toronto, London, and Windsor to name a few.  We intercepted theatre-goers as they were leaving their movie to engage in a virtual reality experience.  Their reactions were priceless, and very telling of just how much the message was resonating.  In fact, the experience was so successful we were invited to share over the course of the three-day Ontario Skills Competition, as well as the 20-days over the course of the Toronto CNE.  Thousands of people took part in our Silent Killer 2.0 experience.  The campaign was also supported by digital, social, and print, and in the end, we had generated 55.7 million impressions, 1.3 million interactions, and 89.8 thousand website visits.  Representing a +555%, +118%, and +275% increase in these areas respectively over our first Silent Killer campaign.

And the industry took notice.  To date, our Silent Killer 2.0 VR experience has garnered five awards, including: a Gold Marcom Award for Video and Audio, a Silver International Content Marketing Award for Best use of Innovation, two Silver Davey Awards for Experiential & Immersive Virtual Reality and 360 Video, and a Gold Davey Award for Integrated Non-Profit Campaign.

In short, we are so very proud of what we were able to accomplish this past year with TSSA and carbon monoxide poisoning awareness.  We proved that difficult messages can be entertaining too and can encourage people to want to find out more.  And ultimately, it can save lives.