The Intern Perspective

From the desk of Joanna….Former adHOME Intern

When you think of an internship what comes to mind? Do you think of a poor student forced to be the official coffee fetcher, all while taking lunch orders and slaving over mindless grunt work? If so, think again!

Although that may still happen at some companies, it’s a far cry from an accurate representation of what many internships are like. Internships are a valuable chance for an individual to gain hands on experience in a specific industry, test-driving their knowledge and skill-set. They’re a way to enhance personal development, explore professional interests, networks and strengthen your résumé. My internship at adHOME was just that and more.

As a Psychology major in my senior year wanting to transition into the business world, I knew I needed real world experience. Having worked in a couple of different marketing roles with my University, I knew potential employers would value a non-campus experience. adHOME was the perfect fit. It was intimate enough that I got to work with a number of different employees while making my presence and contribution known. And it was large enough that it will be recognized and well respected by future employers.

Some of the tasks I worked on at adHOME included market research, website redesigns, creative brainstorms, social media content creation and new business development. While working on these projects I was able to apply, refine and build upon theories I had learned in the classroom. I also had the opportunity to present my research findings and ideas to professionals who provided detailed insight and constructive criticism. The roster of clients I got to work on projects for was quite impressive too, including M&M Meat Shops, Citi Bank, Chartwells, Sifton Properties, Tender Tootsies and Trudell Medical International.

My time at adHOME helped me to explore my own professional interests. Interning at an ad agency reinforced how much I love and thrive off of creative work environments. I also learned that I enjoy the variety of assignments an agency environment can offer.

While doing my internship at adHOME I was able to network with a number of incredible individuals. In a world where who you know is sometimes just as important as what you know, contacts made through internships can provide priceless recommendations and guidance. They may even make the difference in landing that future dream job.

So to everyone at adHOME, thank you so much for the wonderful experience. To anyone considering interning at adHOME, I highly recommend it. You will learn, laugh and create more than you’d ever expect. And of course, you’ll feel right adHOME!