8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used To Gain Measurable Results

It’s 2019 – isn’t it about time robots took over the internet? …you know, to help with your business needs! Artificial intelligence can help you leverage your digital strategy but do you know how to best utilize it?


#1 Analyze Results

AI has the ability to analyze consumer data using their existing social accounts to create consumer profiles, placing them into different groups based on their actions online. When the consumer feels known and understood, there is an opportunity for enhanced relationships between consumer and company.


#2 Predictive Analysis

Often using the consumer profiles mentioned above, AI can predict where the users are in the purchasing cycle – allowing advertisers to deliver the right message at the right time. This can save time for advertisers as it can forecast sales automatically – a task previously done by a person analyzing data.


#3 Quick Message Modification

This is extremely useful in email marketing – when coupled with predictive analysis, an advertiser has the ability to quickly modify messaging to consumers based on where the AI determines they are within built consumer profiles. If their positioning were to change, so could the message being sent.


#4 Leverage A Brand Through Tailored Content

Tailored content allows for a deeper connection with consumers – and it can be as easy to implement as using AI to make product recommendations, frequently seen in the format “if you liked X, you might like Y”. Doing so can keep your brand top-of-mind to consumers.


#5 Learned Message Modification

Yes, there is such thing as automated message modification! Most recently seen in Google Responsive Search Ads, advertisers can utilize AI by inputting headlines and descriptions to Google Ads, allowing the interface to test and choose text combinations, with the end result being a high performing ad.


#6 Chatbots

Chatbots are a method of communicating with consumers through automated responses – some being so flawless that the user may think they’re communicating to a real person. A prime example of this is the Google Assistant. By using this software, companies can save time and money by serving consumers 24/7 using little to no ‘real’ manpower.


#7 Voice Search

For brands and businesses who are looking for a competitive edge, voice search is a great platform to invest in. ComScore has predicted that by 2020, over half of all internet searches will be voice searches.


#8 Content Generation

Though Artificial Intelligence can’t create opinion pieces or a post on 8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used To Gain Measurable Results, it can, however, organize statistical information in a way that can be used for website content. An example of this could be a graph or informative display being filled in and created with statistical content generated by AI.