A Look Ahead at Entertainment in 2016

“A new year, a new you” is not exactly what the film industry is thinking for 2016. During Javier’s Breakfast Club, he outlined just how many sequels and remakes the movie industry is planning on putting out this year.

A couple to get excited about are Captain America: Civil War and the next Star Wars film, Rogue One which takes place between episodes III and IV and is the first stand-alone Star Wars film to date.

A more original film set for release in 2016, however, is Deadpool, which has been creatively marketing in a number of ways that fit the Marvel Comic hero’s franchise. The ads and the main character are humorously self-aware, breaking down the fourth wall.



Taking a look at the video and streaming industry in 2016, comes a paid Youtube subscription called Youtube Red, which will provide exclusive streaming content and the ability to save videos directly to your device. The service will also allow music to play in the background of your phone.

In music, the prediction is that vinyl record sales will peak, as many of the predominantly male based audience will have all of the records that they desire.

Television’s big event of the year is likely to be the premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, where Jon Snow’s fate, fortunate or not, will be revealed. And we can’t wait to find out! The theories are quite creative. 

Game of Thrones



Lastly, Javier told us all about the new hoverboard: this one actually hovers and is only $20,000. No, it is not a hoax, it is called the ArcaBoard, created by the Arca Space Corporation and is controlled by your phone.

So, now that the entertainment industry is covered, what will you be doing in the New Year?