Things of the Future

For this week’s Breakfast Club, Katie presented us with some of the most intriguing and perhaps odd technologies of the future.

January marks the time of year when we’re all thinking about how to make our future better. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 5th to 9th 2016, there were plenty of new technologies designed to make life easier, or maybe just cooler.

The first thing Katie highlighted was It. No, she wasn’t talking about Stephen King clown monsters, nor the pronoun. Rather, “It” happens to be the brand name of the bed of the future. This Smart Bed tracks how you sleep and can connect with your smart home to lock doors and turn down the thermostat so you sleep well. In fact, there were many home technologies that were at the CES, like a coffee faucet and a Virtual Reality (VR) exercise machine.


Of course, transportation is always an important aspect of our future daydreams and Tesla’s rival, Faraday Future, introduced their concept electric car that has innovative “variable platform architecture.” The battery is broken into sections that form a base that can be added or removed in different cars, meaning Faraday predicts that this car could be out sooner than they initially believed.

Future daydreams, though, don’t tend to involve social media. But maybe they should because our connectedness to others is what has defined the technology of the new millennium. The new social media platform, Peach, was released the same weekend as CES. Peach is designed to help you connect with real friends, while protecting your privacy and showing you only what you want to see.

The last thing Katie showed us from CES was a futuristic thing from a long time ago, something that got people very excited: a 3-D printed, life-sized Stormtrooper.

3D Stormtrooper