adHOME guides a new brand to lifelong success

Business owners and entrepreneurs will always be focused on their next steps to grow and expand their businesses. Owners and Registered Dietitians, Julie Urbshott and Sarah Faulds, are no exception. Recognizing that some of their market share was starting to be eroded by their competition who had developed strong brands and strategic messaging, they knew they needed some marketing expertise to get them to the next level… and nothing was off the table. 

A talented and successful duo, Julie and Sarah, are focused on inspiring long term care nutrition throughout southwestern Ontario. They provide a range of professional services; from clinical nutrition, to team care, quality assurance, and staff education. Their dietitians have in-depth skills in customized nutrition plans, palliative care, dementia care, as well as industry-leading foodservice auditing, program evaluations, policy development, and more. Known for their quality of care and impeccable customer relationships, their current name (Urbshott Faulds Dietetics Professional Corporation) and brand was not indicative of their superior service. 

adHOME recognized that they needed a new name and brand that would genuinely speak to their commitment and dedication. By identifying core brand personality traits and key differentiators that could help shape their overall messaging, VIDA Dietetics was created. The word “Vida” translates to “life” or “lifetime” inspired by the compelling story of their commitment to long term care and its connection back to supporting a lifetime of nutrition. Vida is also often associated with health and nutrition brands, while Dietetics is the study of human nutrition and the regulation of diet.

new VIDA dietetics logo “inspiring long term care nutrition”

“Julie and Sarah are extremely passionate and successful at what they do, yet their brand was not reflective of that commitment and achievement”, said adHOME’s Executive Creative Director, Mary-Ellen Willard. “We needed to overhaul their brand strategy to set them on a path for the future that would champion their greatest strengths”.

adHOME supported the creation of this brand through their Blue Door Initiative, a program designed to provide pro-bono work to local businesses. Julie and Sarah then invested in adHOME to build a new website and paid digital marketing efforts to create brand awareness and ultimately grow the business. VIDA Dietetics is entirely female-owned and operated so their launch on International Women’s Day could not be more fitting. We are extremely proud of them and the work we have created together.

We hope you celebrate the incredible women around you today and continue to empower them to achieve great things. Happy International Women’s Day from our team to yours.