Being an Account Director

What makes adHOME tick? Our people. So today we thought you’d like to get to know one of our Account Directors, Tony Soares. Tony works with our clients and makes sure everyone’s happy and that our work is of the highest quality—and that it will get our clients’ brands the attention they deserve.

Tony is passionate about his job. If you hear him speak about it—and you may have already, since he has spoken at events in the past—you can tell that being an Account Director, specifically at adHOME for the past nine years, is important to him. When asked about his biggest accomplishments here, or his favourite part of the day, Tony talks not only about how fun the work is, but how working with the people at adHOME is inspiring. “When we do good work and everyone’s feeling it and everyone’s celebrating, that’s what makes it fun to work at our place.”

Tony is also highly motivated by his family. Before he heads to work everyday, he packs his kids’ lunches for school and is reminded that they’re looking up to him. This is what gives Tony that extra bounce in his (dance) step each morning when he walks into his office.

An average day for Tony at adHOME begins with a coffee and some quick banter with Jason and a glance down the pages of his notebook in which he keeps his meticulous to-do lists and pretty much everything else. Then he gets to work on time-sensitive projects and makes sure things get done on time. 

His success today as an Account Director started years ago before he arrived at adHOME, when he worked at a series of agencies in Toronto, kicking things off with an internship and diving right into the world of the marketing agency.  After deciding to move to London, Tony got in contact with adHOME, and was initially brought in on contract, to help with new business and client management. 

When asked about what his biggest accomplishment here has been, Tony said, “I think the biggest accomplishment is being here for nine years. In our industry, it’s not quite the norm to stay somewhere that long.” Tony has been able to work with Mary-Ellen since he started here and working alongside her has given him the chance to grow in his roles here over the years. “It’s being involved and helping be a piece of the puzzle that forms what adHOME has become.”

So why has Tony been at adHOME so long? Not only has he had the opportunity to grow here, but he’s also enjoyed the work we do, the variety of clients we work with and the breadth both digital and traditional marketing projects that are constantly underway.

“I just want to do something completely unexpected and different,” Tony says. He adds that he finds that clients are more often willing to take the leap into new ideas simply because they realize the need to stand out. “The experiential things, the technology driven initiatives are the ones I’m hoping we can one day do, something really out there.”

Quick Qs

 If you could convince the world of one thing, what would it be? That advertising isn’t evil.

What was your favourite subject in school? Geography, Visual Arts, Gym.

Do you prefer to work to music or silence? Music.

Which dead celebrity or famous person would you resurrect, if any? John Lennon.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  Anywhere along the Mediterranean.

Print or Digital? Digital.

Netflix or Cable? Cable if it includes HBO.

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.