A bold new look for “The Railway City”

Did you hear the news? The City of St. Thomas unveiled their new corporate identity this week, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Since the summer, the adHOME team has been crafting the brand’s positioning and personality to be leveraged for a new look that would speak to the identity of the community as a whole. To do this, of course, we first needed to understand how both locals and visitors see St. Thomas. Through surveys, focus groups and input from a diverse range of stakeholders, it became clear that there was a distinct connection to the City’s deep, historic railway roots.

With that in mind, we set out to develop a new corporate identity that would be representative of both the strong railway heritage of St. Thomas and their commitment to a progressive future for their citizens and businesses.

St. Thomas is a strong, close-knit community that’s continually looking ahead and moving forward. We needed to speak to the strength of community at St. Thomas’ core while showcasing the vibrant culture and progressive business ideals.

To achieve this, we used a bold font in the design of the logo which embodies the strength and resilience of a determined community focused on growth. The modern artistic interpretation of a train engine and cowcatcher, represented by the letter “O” with a solid line underneath, combine with the vibrant fiery colours to reflect the City’s lively cultural scene. If you look closely at the plume of steam, you’ll also see a subtle nod to a very unique and differentiating piece of St. Thomas’ railway history. The steam takes on the shape of an elephant’s head, paying tribute to the spirit of Jumbo and how the compassionate community of St. Thomas embraced his story. Collectively, the font, colours and icon depict a community that is continually discovering ways to further enhance life for its residents. A look to the future, with a nod to the past.

Working with the St. Thomas team, we collectively channeled our creativity to bring their brand to life. We are proud to have developed a corporate identity that fully encompasses the past, present and future of St. Thomas.