Harvesting Innovation at The Grove

Forest City has something good on the grow right now. It’s called The Grove, and it’s 40,000 square feet of fresh ideas where agri-food businesses, producers and educators are setting down roots to ensure our agri-food industry thrives now and into the future. The initiative means great things for London; hundreds of jobs, a boost to the economy and recognition for leading-edge innovation.

Given the Western Fair Association’s reputation for down-to-earth and fertile agricultural thought leadership, the natural choice was the Western Fair District where buildings have been repurposed to accommodate this evolution in food production, retail, education and business services.

When it came to naming and branding The Grove, who better than the creative bunch at adHOME, a team known for taking seeds of ideas and nurturing them into full, locally-grown campaigns. We came up with The Grove’s name as a nod to Salter’s Grove, a parkland of trees in the 1870s on the site of today’s Western Fair District, a perfect place where the soil is as rich as its agricultural history. We’re especially proud of the logo we designed. It celebrates the District’s agricultural roots as well as their promising future. Our strategy was to combine an organic, vintage look from the era of handmade items, as seen in the typeface, together with a clean, modern icon representative of today’s innovative technologies.

We’re honoured to have created the branding for this forward-thinking collective and we’re excited to watch it grow.

Want to know more about this amazing new London, ON venture? You can check out their website HERE!