Hermes Honours adHOME Not Once But THREE Times This Year!

The Hermes Creative Awards is one of the oldest and largest creative competitions in the world, honouring the ideas and messages of individual creators, media conglomerates, and fortune 500 companies. 

Inspired by the Greek god, Hermes–the winged god of literature, orators and poets–the carved wings of the statuette have been shaped into a sleek letter H, a contemporary piece of art that gives a nod to his role in creativity, design and technology. 

Each year, judges evaluate the creative industry’s best marketing and communication materials. This year, adHOME is proud to take home 3 new Hermes Creative Awards for the work we’ve collaborated on with our amazing clients.


University of Toronto – Student Mental Health Resource

Electronic Media – Website – Informational

The Student Mental Health Resource website was created to provide students with centralized access to all of the support and resources available through the three University of Toronto campuses and beyond. With an emphasis on educating students about their mental health and maintaining well-being, along with a vast array of online, in-person and other publically available tools such as podcasts, books and videos, the Student Mental Health Resource website is the go-to destination for supporting all mental health needs. 


Ontario One Call – “Get The Dirt” Campaign

Print Media – Integrated Marketing Campaign

The Ontario One Call “Get the Dirt” project was an integrated multimedia public safety campaign aimed to inform and educate homeowners and contractors about the need to request locates for underground infrastructure before they commence any project that requires digging.

Boehringer Ingelheim – Bovikalc “Serving Up Quality Calcium” Ad

Print Media – Advertising – Magazine Ad

The goal of the campaign was to position Bovikalc as the premium calcium bolus on the market thanks to its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and proven performance backed by peer-reviewed/published research.  The print ad drove traffic to the campaign landing page where visitors could learn more about Bovikalc and participate in a Visa Gift Card incentive program.

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