Instagram Savvy

As digital marketers, we are often asked what are the best social media platforms. Depending on the audience and type of campaign you are running, this answer can vary, but one to keep an eye on is definitely Instagram.

Launched back in 2010, Instagram was designed to be a visual social network that allowed people to share images instantly using photo filters and hashtags. The platform was developed directly on mobile devices as an app and didn’t allow registration on a desktop or use of links in it’s posts. This made it an exclusive club for more tech-savvy visual individuals.

Brands got on board and used the platform to reach millennials. As Instagram grew into this elite club of users, it made big waves in the social mediasphere.

Since being bought by Facebook in 2012, they have introduced ads to the platform through Facebook’s Power Editor. This allowed very detailed targeting based on interests and location as well as cross-advertising with a brand’s Facebook page. As advertisers navigated through this transition, brands were now able to create links on Instagram posts and use great imagery to reach a younger more tech-savvy market.

So, why Instagram?

If your brand is visually-inclined and you want to reach a more targeted, typically younger demographic, then Instagram advertising might be for you!