Life as a Marketing Intern

I knew from the beginning that landing a position as a marketing intern at adHOME would provide me with great experiences. What I did not know was that each and every one of adHOME’s employees would teach me something I will cherish for the rest of my career and life. I am truly grateful that my first shot at marketing was experienced at adHOME.

life-as-an-internOver the course of my internship, I have been given the opportunity to participate in and lead various projects and I have learned more than I ever could have imagined. Not only did I learn various marketing related concepts, I also learned several skills that will benefit me regardless of the career that I choose to pursue. I have been lucky enough to spend the last four months in a steadily growing and successful advertising agency where both the partners and the employees work collaboratively to satisfy each and every one of their clients.

Throughout my internship, I also had the privilege of presenting concepts and research projects in front of a group of professionals; something that I think will benefit me in my future schooling and careers. Also, being given the opportunity to manage a couple of projects on my own was a great way to learn about the entire life cycle of a project or campaign. Some of the projects that I personally managed include the creative for the 2013 Western Fair and Maple Leaf Foodservice’s the Dish Summer Edition. With managing my own projects I was required to schedule designers, brief the creative team in charge of executing the project, organize assets to be provided to the creative team, source images, pass along client revisions, proofread copy decks, participate in internal reviews and more. Dealing hands on with projects really opened my eyes to amount of time and effort that goes in to each project deliverable.

Another exciting feature of my internship was having the opportunity to participate in brainstorming sessions for notable projects such as a Cineplex digital spot for Ontario’s Southwest that ran in theatres across the GTA this summer. Knowing that the digital spot would run in theatres instilled a sense of excitement within me – I attend movie theatres quite frequently and I have always admired the other creative digital spots.

adHOME was a perfect place to have my first internship and first experience in an office setting. For future interns I would suggest always staying on top of the projects given to you as this helps your supervisors and the rest of the account team keep things on track. I would also suggest to future interns to get involved in any office activity and event that you can. Being able to socialize with co-workers in and out of the office is a great way to build teamwork skills and to learn how to deal with different personalities.

Anyone lucky enough to score an internship here at adHOME will without a doubt be treated with respect as well as included in all aspects of the company. For me, adHOME’s door was definitely always open.