Millennials and their furry children

Who are millennials? They are the group of 20-35 year olds that identify with raising their children properly. And by children, we mean their furry, fluffy and adorable pets.

Today, 44% of millennials say they own pets and along with a few other factors, this has built a 69 billion dollar pet industry. So what is the driving force behind this industry?


You wouldn’t want your child eating junk food, and neither do these millennial pet moms and dads. Enter the day where you can buy a plethora of “healthy” treats including 100% fried meats, refrigerated purées, antlers, smoked dried cheese, training treats, the grain free gluten free treats and of course the handmade organic dog biscuits.


The animal fashion industry has exploded with hats, halloween costumes, boots, sweaters, coats, and shoes. Basically, if you can wear it, you can likely find a matching set for your pet loved one.

But it doesn’t stop at clothes, dog accessories are another option that has moved on from the simple collar and leash, now you have light up collars, custom embroidered collars, harness, mussel pulls, nerdy fabric collars, extender leashes, short leashes, training leashes, and leashes that can match your belt or handbag.


Gone are the days when your dog would stay home while you were working 9-5pm. Now pet owners have dog walkers to visit your pooch during the day. Even more, you can keep an eye on your pet during the day with nanny cams fully equipped with wireless treat dispensers!

Kennels have also upped the game by offering spa-like anmenties like a beach club, mature walks, discovery playgrounds, canine massage, and of course a pup frozen yogurt station.


You have the clothes, the food, the proper care, but you have to look the part! Millennials are bringing their dogs to high end grooming boutiques where your pet is groomed and pampered from head to toe for a day at the puppy (or cat) spa.

Some even get a little crazy and enter dog shows based off their grooming.


Like most if your dog knows the basics such as sit, come, and leave it, it’s considered a well behaved dog. But as parents brag about their child’s intelligence millennials brag about the training of their pets

We use tools such as training classes, resources such as youtube, and even hire private in house trainers to ensure our little buddies are the best behaved.

Ok so your dog is fed, it’s clothed, it has an amazing support of caregivers, it’s well groomed and listens to you perfectly, and you think to yourself ok I can relax. Well you are wrong, just as parents have after school activities with their kids millennials have activities for their pets.

Activities like dog breed meetups, seasonal photoshoots at Pet Valu, bringing your dog on coffee runs, going to scheduled events such as bark in the park, and Pawlooza are also a staple in most larger cities.

And last but not least…

Social Media

Having your own animal instagram is the highlight of most millennials, as everyone tries to be the next grumpy cat. Doug the pug, has his own following and even two best selling books!

Participating in trendy challenges like “my dog walks me” where owners let their dogs choose where they want to go until they return home. Also by participating in shame dog photos where your pet has funny messages next to something they have blundered.