Ordering Made Easy on the Green

Fairway drives, impossible putts and an afternoon of sunshine. Golfing is a popular pastime, but there often isn’t time to grab that satisfying snack at the 9th hole mark, or at the clubhouse after your round.

One of adHOME’s longest-standing clients, Maple Leaf Foodservice, faced this challenge with its golf course customers. If golfers skip the clubhouse, it means they’re missing out on Maple Leaf burgers, sausages and more. To help Maple Leaf products get into the hands of these time-sensitive customers, adHOME worked with Maple Leaf Foodservice to develop a food ordering smartphone app.

Available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, the Maple Leaf Fore!Food app makes it possible for golfers to quickly and easily pre-order food and drinks right from the course.

Using GPS technology, the app identifies which golf course the player is on and displays that course’s clubhouse menu. To ensure the app is fast and easy to use on all three mobile operating systems, the menu and ordering cart were designed to be extremely simple and user-friendly.

Golfers choose the items they want, indicate whether they’re at the 9th or 18th hole, and submit their order. When the golfers reach the clubhouse, they pay as they normally would. Being able to pre-order means they save time and their food is ready when they are.

One of the best features of the Fore!Food app is that golf courses can create a custom push notification message to reach their customers. When golfers with the app cross into a pre-designated area, such as the 8th tee, they get a message on their phone. The message can encourage them to ‘order now’ or highlight a special feature the course wants to promote. Each golf course defines this pre-designated area using GPS coordinates.

By making it possible to pre-order their food, golfers are more likely to order their meals from the clubhouse rather than choosing to grab a bag of chips from the cart. That’s good news for the golf courses and for Maple Leaf Foodservice.

The Maple Leaf Fore!Food app is available on iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry World app stores and launches across Golf North golf courses in Southwestern Ontario this season.