A Proper Sandwich Shop

A sandwich might just be the perfect food. Fresh sourdough bread, slow-roasted meats, green olive aioli, provolone cheese, arugula and maybe a dash of herbed mustard seed vinaigrette – each sandwich at Wich is Wich is a work of art.

That’s why, when adHOME was approached to develop a brand for this new restaurant concept, we needed to ensure that it reflected the artistic quality of every hand-crafted sandwich creation.

“The whimsical ‘W’ reflects the welcoming and unique nature of the restaurant concept. The client was working with a tight budget, but we wanted to ensure that all of the marketing materials communicated the quality of the brand we created,” said adHOME Partner Mary-Ellen Willard. “We chose to build the website and design the grand opening collateral as a contribution to the local community.”

The newest addition to King Street restaurant row, Wich is Wich is a gourmet sandwich shop located in the heart of downtown London. After months of brand development and renovations they recently opened their doors on Wednesday, April 15.

“While working in Los Angeles years ago, I noticed a long line up that extended down the sidewalk and realized they were waiting to order at a sandwich shop,” said Wich is Wich Owner and Chef Josh Sawyer. “Then a couple of years later I was working in Vancouver and saw a similar line up at another sandwich shop and I knew they were on to something. After all, who doesn’t love a sandwich?”

adHOME was thrilled to be part of this local project. “Giving back to our community is part of our culture,” Willard added.

Check out London’s newest sandwich culinary experience at wichiswich.ca.