Pushing Personal Injury Awareness


The stats are alarming. Distracted driving is the number one killer on Ontario roads, leaving more deceased in 2013 than any other activity. According to the OPP, 78 deaths were caused by distracted driving in 2013, compared with 57 from impaired driving and 44 from speeding.

In November 2014, adHOME had the chance to bring awareness to this issue, by working with McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP on a Personal Injury campaign.

The prominent law firm, based in London Ontario, wanted to highlight the dangers associated with distracted driving, while raising awareness around their Personal Injury services.

The provocative campaign utilized a combination of traditional and digital advertising that included billboards, online display ads, SEM and content marketing.

“We’re really proud of the creative,” says Account Supervisor Jason Brown. “The ‘LOL’ theme is instantly recognizable and reinforces the dangers of texting while driving.”

The billboard campaign generated almost 7 million impressions in London while the display ads resulted in an additional 5 million impressions and over 8,000 clicks. Compared to the previous 3-month period, the ads increased visits to McKenzie Lake’s Personal Injury webpage by more than 1,600%.

Online text ads also targeted users in the London area searching for information related to personal injury, driving nearly 30,000 impressions and 300 clicks based on closely related keywords.

If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by distracted driving or want to learn more about McKenzie Lake’s personal injury services, visit: http://bit.ly/1CwQx4K