Elevating Website Design

With elevator-related injuries in Ontario on the rise, adHOME worked with the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) to create a new elevator safety website aimed at educating the public on safe riding behaviour.

Research indicates that almost all elevator-related injuries occur in one of three places – residential, commercial or institutional buildings. These locations provided the inspiration for the site navigation, offering users an engaging way to explore the site and learn the safety tips.

Visually, animation and illustrative design are used to highlight the facts around elevator safety. Through stripes of content and animation, users are encouraged to view the site in a story driven way.

“The challenge is to balance creativity and function,” says Junior Art Director, Matthew Brent. “You want to push the boundaries and play with new approaches to design, while maintaining a simple and intuitive experience for users.”

The site was launched successfully in December 2014, and is now being supported by a digital advertising campaign to help drive traffic to the site.

We’re proud of the work and believe it has been a great success, check it out for yourself: elevatorsafetyontario.ca