Should I Take an Internship?


From the desk of Jenny….Former adHOME Intern

Exams are almost over! Uh oh, time to find a summer job. But what do I do? I think 95% of students go through this exact crisis. Take me for example, I am a second year general business student, with no clue of what I want my future career to be. I’ve gone through all the stages; teacher, art, psychology, lawyer? How about a forensic, although this was mostly a phase brought on by my obsession with Criminal Minds. I started brainstorming ideal career paths and that’s when it hit me, marketing! It was the perfect mixture of psychology, consumer behaviour, and a dash of creativity.

The first time I saw the building, I was overfilled with joy. A classic Victorian style with a modern twist. The inside was insanely beautiful and I was convinced that this was not only a successful marketing agency, but also one with impeccable taste.

Ever since being here at adHOME, I have learned so much! From the business aspect, I have been able to see how an agency operates from day to day, the necessary resources, and people needed in order to become successful. I have also been able to work on different projects including filming mini commercials for social media, doing competitive research and analysis, being brought alongside in meetings and brainstorms, planning social events, as well as seeing what it takes to rebrand entire organizations, towns and even companies! Oh, did I also forget to mention that I was able to be a part of a commercial shoot? I even met Kate Campbell from HGTV! Now how cool is that?

But the best part of working here at adHOME is definitely Friday Tipsy Trolley! Free booze every week-what’s not to love? Just kidding! It’s definitely the people. I was able to meet so many different individuals coming from various backgrounds, each with a different story to tell and together they’re able to embody the “home” aspect here at adHOME. It’s like coming to work with your family, there’s nothing you can’t joke about or say, well I don’t know if that’s entirely true. The family environment here is what I will miss most, from all the Jason disses (am I allowed to say that?), the crazy energy that Mary-Ellen brings everyday, deep conversations with Mark about all things Asia, Tony making fun of Karah, Karah making fun of herself and everything else about this place. I loved working here, and it really is like working with a huge, and slightly dysfunctional family.

adHOME has inspired me to continue to follow down my marketing dream. I want to take everything that I have learned here and apply it to my future. I have switched over from the accounting stream in business to consumer behaviour in order to pursue a career in marketing. It’s a stressful job, but it’s always changing, always evolving and I am ready to take that challenge. I am so thankful for this opportunity, allowing me to be a part of the adHOME family, and it is just the inspiration I need to begin my marketing journey. In my mind adHOME will always be my home away from home, well if they take me I guess! Haha 😛