The Silver Linings of Physical Distancing

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, brands have had to drastically re-evaluate the messaging of their campaigns. It is more important than ever to be sensitive to how the consumer is responding to and interpreting your brand. 

When you are developing messaging during the COVID pandemic, there are five common consumer behaviours and expectations to keep in mind,

  1. The public is deeply worried.
  2. People are concerned about finances.
  3. Consumers are focused on the basics.
  4. Businesses are expected to do their part.
  5. Branding can set the tone for future sales.

Pushy, purchase-driven messaging will not be responded to positively during this time. Instead, come up with creative ways to enforce brand awareness while simultaneously addressing the concerns of today’s consumers. It is important to reassure all stakeholders that your company is operating in line with public safety guidelines, even if it is subtle, like adding a facemask to classic brand icons.

Or slightly changing your brand logo to more accurately reflect the times. 

More than ever, customer loyalty is a huge contributor to purchase behaviours. This is especially evident in the automotive industry. Check out these commercials from highly recognized car brands,

A great example of a clever display advertisement comes from La-Z-Boy furniture,

This brand recognizes that with people’s physical distancing at home, they will be looking for ways to keep themselves occupied. As a result, La-Z-Boy developed this reading list to give their customers inspiration. 

No brand wants to come off as inconsiderate or oblivious to the current state of society, and in the case of these companies, directly addressing what is happening and the effects of social distancing made for effective and sensitive campaigns. 

“Ode To Close” – Heineken 

Through a delightful poem, this campaign reminds us that staying connected to one another while physically distancing is important to getting back to the methods of communication we used to enjoy.

“Courage is Beautiful” – Dove

Paying homage to the courageous, indented faces of healthcare workers, Dove makes an impactful statement on the bravery of those on the front line.

“With Love, Jack” – Jack Daniels

Featuring Cyndi Lauper’s hit “True Colours”, this emotional campaign shows real people connecting with their loved ones virtually.

It is not just large corporations that have needed to adapt their communication strategy over the past couple of months. Small businesses and local governments must also reevaluate their messaging, or even their product offering, during this time.  

For example, Vancouver-based custom shoe manufacturer, Fluevog Shoes, has announced the release of their “The Dr. Henry” shoe. The shoe is inspired by the renowned doctor and provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry. Proceeds from the sale of the shoe will go to benefit local food banks in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Dr. Henry lives and works. 

As advertisers, it is our job to think outside of the box and come up with unique ways to communicate with consumers. At adHOME, our goal is to help our clients and community as much as we can. To achieve this, as a member of tCAN, adHOME is offering free counsel to businesses of all sizes who are struggling with COVID-19 disruptions.