The Southwest Regional Senior Games

The Southwest Regional Senior Games is an aspirational day of athletic excellence, bringing the most accomplished and celebrated athletes over the age of 55 together to compete on a regional stage. In past years, the games have been an operational success, however, promoting the concept of senior-aged athletes competing has always been a marketing challenge. The organizers have struggled with communicating the excitement, passion, and prestige that these athletes truly deserve.

For this year’s event, adHOME worked closely with the organizing committee to develop a fresh, forward-thinking brand for the games that would revitalize the visual identity and drastically change the overall perception of the event and its esteemed athletes.

Held in our very own District 30 – London, Ontario, the organizing committee had the objective to raise overall awareness of the games, and increase volunteer and spectator engagement numbers for the one-day event. As the marketing partner for this year’s Southwest Regional Senior Games, a new logo was created to channel the modern, world-class sporting event, in combination with a fresh sponsorship package and series of bold awareness campaign posters.

The posters were inspired by the very idea of celebrating athletic excellence at any age – “Age is Nothing. Game is Everything.” The creative depicted a seasoned senior athlete through a competitive, stoic lens, capturing the emotion of victory, pride, and ambition.

“In a society where ageism is still very much an issue, it was essential that the respect and admiration these athletes deserve came across clearly. The photography used has the feeling of raw unbridled confidence and competitiveness – combined with a poignant headline that created a truly emotional reaction,” said Michael Crusz, Associate Creative Director at adHOME.

The posters are on display at YMCA locations which was this year’s main sponsor, as well as neighboring district centres, and are being utilized at tradeshows and senior athletic conferences.

“The brand and posters that adHOME developed truly represent the prestige and respect we had hoped to capture for this year’s games. Their creativity and support has given the games a fresh start, worthy of world-class awareness and sport,” said Matthew Trinnear, Chair of the Southwest Regional Senior Games Organizing Committee.

Visit the Southwest Regional Senior Games website for more information regarding the games and how you can get involved: