What do we actually remember in a logo?

The Importance Of a Strong Brand

What do we actually remember about a logo? Take a minute and think about a strong brand…. like Apple. Perhaps you can picture the logo in your mind, and maybe even imagine that the apple is grey. But does the apple have a stem? Or a leaf? Is the bite on the left or the right hand side?

A recent article was released that evaluated top brands and their logo recall. A wide range of people were asked to draw logos from memory. The test revealed quite interesting results and showed that we don’t actually remember ever detail of a logo – even seemingly simple logos like Apple. People might think they can recall something clearly, but when it comes to recreating it from memory, it gets fuzzy.

In the test, even though the most complicated logos were obviously the hardest to recreate, it’s interesting to see how much of the brand is actually carried through. For example, when asked to draw the Starbucks logo, almost everyone drew the siren (however poorly drawn) and knew the green brand colour (despite variations). It’s also interesting to see how many people remember old logos vs. redesigns. Often brands that people have grown up with are so ingrained in their minds that the images can change and they don’t even notice.

The idea that we “see, but we do not observe” things is hardwired into daily life. This underlines the importance of creating a really strong, iconic brand. Even though the small details may be forgotten, the brand ‘essence’ that resonates with your consumers is instilled in your logo, and will be remembered.

Check out some of our office attempts and try for yourself!