That’s a Wrap at Saint George Street!

We did it! After more than a year of looking, planning, interior designing and packing, we’ve finally relocated to 318 Wolfe Street in the heart of downtown London. Even though we’ve only been here a week, we’ve already begun to utilize every square inch of our three-story Victorian beauty with big ideas, bold designs and even a few bubble wrap-related pranks.


Locating the agency in the downtown core was a priority to maintain our vibrant adHOME culture and remain convenient for those of our team that walk or bus to work. Of course, we also don’t mind that we’re now just a few steps away from our favourite piping hot Americanos and mouthwatering burritos on Richmond Row.

Our new space features floor to ceiling windows, three original marble fireplaces, a three-story triangular prism window, a sun-filled studio, a Victorian boardroom and a multi-purpose loft for brainstorming sessions complete with cushy branded bean bag chairs.

Other than a few minor musical differences in our new open concept workspace, the adHOMErs are adjusting well to this new chapter in the adHOME story. We’re so grateful to Facility Resources and their Living Office methodology. It’s become readily apparent from our first week of working here that we’ve found the perfect balance between collaborative spaces and private work settings. From open, social environments for brainstorming and impromptu huddles to quiet workspace “havens” reserved for focused tasks – we have everything we need.

We’ve all begun to find our favourite spots. Whether it’s the coffee bar on the second floor overlooking Wolfe Street, our comfy couch in the third floor loft or the many sun-filled spaces filtered through stained glass windows throughout the house, this place is really starting to feel like (ad)home.

Now we’re ready for all the magic to be created, the Easter eggs to be hunted, the memories to be made and all the fun that awaits in the New Year. See you soon in the new hood!

~ the adHOME Team