The Silent Killer 2.0

When talking about potential dangers in your home, you have to acknowledge Carbon Monoxide (CO), or as we refer to it – “The Silent Killer”, as one of the most deadly. We have talked about this award-winning campaign before, but for 2018, we have taken it to an entirely new level. This year, adHOME and “The Silent Killer” campaign will be traveling throughout Ontario with an interactive virtual reality experience. Here’s a quick look at what to expect.

The Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) is reaching out to Ontarians to raise awareness about the dangers of CO which is produced when fuels such as propane, gasoline, natural gas, heating oil or wood burn incompletely in common fuel-burning appliances. It’s such an important message that we knew we needed to break through with a compelling “experience” to get noticed. Creating an immersive virtual reality experience has brought a lot of attention to the symptoms and sources of CO poisoning and how critical it is to prevent it.

“VR not only allowed us to share this experience on the road and online, but it provided an opportunity to create a vision that was suspenseful and engaging to audiences,” said Michael Crusz, Associate Creative Director at adHOME. “VR is an emerging technology that is still evolving. Not very many people have had the opportunity to try it, so this made it the perfect vehicle to draw attention to the importance of CO Safety.”

See the following showtimes to find out when “The Silent Killer VR Experience” will be in a city near you.