I am McJobs

Meet Bill Johnson. After leaving home at 16, Bill went from flipping burgers to becoming the Chairman, President & CEO of McDonalds Restaurants of Canada. His stories of business and life were captured in his new book, “I am McJobs”, co-authored with Sunil Godse. Bill’s success was all about hard work and having fun.

adHOME was approached to design a book cover that would help tell Bill’s story. Our goal was to design a cover that would capture the spirit of the McDonald’s brand and blend it with Bill’s corporate climb to the top. The book chronicles, through a series of compelling stories, Bill’s career at the popular quick serve restaurant chain over the past 35 years.

“Our vision was to create a cover that would reflect the fun personality of the McDonald’s brand and perhaps incorporate one of their iconic menu items,” noted Mary-Ellen Willard, creative strategy lead for the agency. The design uses the strong red and yellow colours along with the restaurant’s widely recognizable french fry forming the proverbial “corporate ladder”. We instantly establish the context of the book and grab the readers’ attention.

“I am McJobs” is now available across all major retailers including amazon.com and Chapters.