adHOME Partners with TSSA for a Blockbuster Campaign

In an effort to reduce the number of carbon monoxide poisonings which continue to threaten the safety of homeowners across Ontario, TSSA and adHOME have teamed up to deliver a campaign that takes a page out of a Hollywood script.

The Ontario-wide campaign is one of TSSA’s largest public-focused carbon monoxide poisoning prevention efforts to-date. At the heart of the program is a 90-second movie-style trailer. In the trailer, just three words are uttered by a terrified homeowner slowly making her way into her basement, unaware that a carbon monoxide leak is lurking.  Just before collapsing from exposure to the deadly gas, she utters the words “I can’t breathe.”  

The hard-hitting creative is airing in select Cineplex theatres now through May 2017, supported by ads in Scene Magazine, lobby screens, and an intercept program in-theatre.  The spend also includes transit, SEO, social media and YouTube pre-roll advertising.

“Since Carbon Monoxide has been known for many years as The Silent Killer, we were inspired by the idea of bringing this killer to life through the horror movie genre,” noted Mary-Ellen Willard, Creative Strategist with adHOME Creative. “Creating an actual movie trailer and poster that depicted a deadly killer lurking in your basement was an impactful way of bringing crucial attention to the toxic realities of CO poisoning.”

The campaign drives the public to visit where visitors are offered life-saving tips, a “Find a Contractor” tool to arrange for a TSSA-certified inspection of their fuel-burning appliances plus savings on digital CO alarms from campaign partner, Kidde Canada, and a chance to win one of one-hundred Kidde “Worry Free” CO alarms with a never-replace 10 year lithium battery.